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Crazy Plane Theft...


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This is all over the news now... Guy steals plane from Sea-Tac,and crashes it into Ketron Island...

Here's the news article and video...


Ketron Island...  to me...  Man, do I know that island.  It's about a klick from Solo Point Boat Launch, on North Fort Lewis.  Almost all our water training in the Puget Sound was out of Solo Point.  Once a month, we'd have a torture-run and swim. It was about 12 miles to run to Solo Point and back, so we'd run out there, suit-up and fin-up, and swim to Ketron Island and back, strip off swim gear and run back.  That was always on Fridays, and it was the only thing we did - we went home for the day after recovering/cleaning wetsuits. The fucking hill DOWN to Solo Point sucked - it was a mile long, and STEEP.  It didn't suck as bad running down, as it did running back up, though - especially after a 2km saltwater surface swim.

It didn't matter what time of year you messed around in Puget Sound.  Didn't matter.  Surface temp of the water was 52~54 degrees, year round.  Ice Cream Headache shiit when you got in the water, until you got used to it.  First thing you do - piss in your wetsuit...  I kid you not...  :thumbup:

I'd probably die if I tried to do that shiit now.  Or, I'd do it really slow.


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I have Campfire Stories about Ketron Island, brother.  Had the whole island call the cops on us once (Yeah, like all 20-ish people that live there)...  You don't wanna miss this Fall Shoot, brother, not in a longshot.  You need to make your driving plans - and tell the woman, you didn't get kidnapped and killed in the desert last year, by "those people you don't know," and you'll be just fine this year, too. Make the driving plans, my brother.  :thumbup:

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