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5 round DPMS mag


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Most of us build a rifle around a twenty rd. mag , but the mag. doesn't mean any thing, all these rifles will shoot 5,10 ,19(DPMS), 20 rd.& 25  rd.mags with no problem .

Now if you asking about building a AR hunting rifle in 308 ,well that's easy , just use the lightest components available .

These AR 308's get on the heavy side if you don't  watch what is going into them.

They will be heavier than any bolt gun any way.

A lot of guys use AR 308's for hunting.

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Survivalshop is right (as usual) about this. I built my rifle specifically to use the Magpul LR-20 mags, but I won't own a rifle that I can't hunt with. That's where the 5-rounders comes in. I much prefer hauling the lightest weight possible rifle when humping through the forrest. Also be aware that certain states have regulations about how many rounds you can have in your rifle when hunting.

The biggest 'sux' part of the 5 rounder is that you can buy a LR-20 mag for about $20, and the 5's cost $40+.

As for choices of mags. I prefer the 20's for my work (LE). I like the 20's in my 5.56 because they stack better, they get me closer to the ground when prone, and it's simply easier to count and remember 20 rounds. Having 20 rounds of 308, will be a very easy transition for me. 30's are great for FA shooters and guys at war, but I don't fit in either of those catagories.

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