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Barrel manufacturer recommendations?


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 I'm looking for any leads from anyone here on a 16-inch pencil weight 308 Barrel, with a rifle length gas system. Anyone has a recommendation on a manufacturer who makes them I would appreciate it, as I have not been able to find any doing searches on the interweb.

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That's gonna be a very, very tough nut to crack.  It comes down to gas block diameter.  This gets weird, but gas block diameter plays a huge part in gas port diameter, and different gas block diameters will have different gas port diameters, in the same configuration.  Examples:


16" rifle-gas is hard enough for barrel manufacturers to get right, so very few do them.  Fulton Armory was one of the few that pulled it off, with a 0.936" gas block diameter and a 0.105" gas port.  It's a pressure threshold that you're looking at, but Fulton nailed it.  I can give you the calculation if you want it - but it's not going to help find a barrel.  You'll have to find a custom barrel maker that would tackle something like that.  You might be able to buy a barrel, and send it to ADCO to contour for you, into a pencil-profile - call them first, though, and see if they'd even do that. 

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Well, you got me another question answered with the part of ADCO reconturing a barrel,  as mine works great on my APF.....just wishing it was lighter. I was wondering if anyone out there would put it on a lathe and turn it down.....


Unless the handguard is where I should be looking at first. My APF factory 1st generation of free floater is fairly bulky and could use some weight loss.


FWIW, the gun has always worked great when I use in spec sized ammo.....no problems with my rifle length gas system.

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