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243 carbon fiber barrel upper

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I don’t know if I score or got hosed. I went to a local gun show and picked up a complete upper. The barrel is .243 carbon fiber. I took my lower in and it mates up as good as could be expected not being a matching set. Once I got it honest matched my Fulton lower pretty much exact. I think it was a trade in from someone else. My guess is that they couldn’t it get it to cycle and decided to get rid of it. I haven’t taken a shot with it yet but upon my close inspection and the knowledge given to me from this forum noticed a short gas tube. These barrels appear to go for quite a bit of money just on a quick internet search. They wanted around $700 for it. I paid around $600. 

I’ll shoot it and see if there are any problems but in the grand scheme of things I was going to build a .243 after I did a 6.5 creedmoor.

any one know anything about carbon fiber barrels?





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I just fired it with my Fulton lower. It cycles to the next round and holds on the bolt catch when empty. Ejections are around 1-2 o’clock and not very far (I was firing from my covered deck when it was raining). Ew. But it is functioning.  

The upper by it self weighs about 6 pounds 6 oz. 


I’ll have to check accuracy another day. 

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22 minutes ago, 98Z5V said:

WOW!!!   That is THE SHORTEST gas tube I've seen in one of these things!!!   What gas system is it running?  It's either midlength or rifle gas.

It’s rifle length. Barrel is 20”. 


I have NO information about anything on the upper. I asked the guy selling it everything (manufacturer of every component or specs) and he said he had no clue about anything on it. So I took a gamble. 


When I fired it, it cycled shots just as it should and also held open. It was just a function check with 2 rounds. Ejections did not go far and came out well short of 3 o’clock. 

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Get the Armalite AR-10 rifle gas tube (15.500") in that thing, as quick as you can.  Please, for the children and the kittens.  Retest it after that, and you'll see your ejection pattern change drastically. 

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   Don't be surprised if you have to open up the gas port a little - seems like .243 barrel ports  come from the factory a little small.  I opened mine up to .0935" for use with an adjustable gas block - barrel came with a .0625 port originally which didn't consistently lock the bolt back on the last round.  Once I fixed that issue it shot great, my go to rifle now.  

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