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  1. I would remove all “gun parts” and only turn in what is considered a “gun”. If this ever came over here the only thing they would get from me is a stripped lower receiver. Also why I have a collection of unfinished 80% lowers.
  2. What about something like this? https://www.wingtactical.com/firearm-parts/ar-15/complete-upper-receiver-assemblies/tactical-solutions-ar-22-lt-22lr-ar-upper-assembly/ I have a conversion on my 5.56 that I run 22lr for fun.
  3. I think you best bet is the 62 grain green tipped m855
  4. You will probably get a shipping confirmation tonight. Last week I ordered a couple things from them and both were the next day. I was actually notified by the post office with the informed delivery app before I got an email from Fulton.
  5. I bought the Nikon m-tactical bdc 800. I have yet to shoot with it but the clarity of the glass seems quite good. I found it for $369 when everyone one else had it for $399 on sale and $450 regular price. Heres a link to it if you are interested. Still $369. It was drop shipped from the distributor. https://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/mobile/product/712016092/redirect
  6. My patch was different. Haven’t got to use mine yet. It’s going to be reserved for a future build. The upper that I ordered comes with a headspaced bcg from Fulton armory. I’m 5 weeks in to the 8-10 week wait.
  7. While the rubber pad cannot be extended the mission first tactical adjustable stock can have a cheek riser added on for $20. This stock sits further back than most of the other ones on an adjustable tube. There is also a compartment for storing small items behind the rubber piece.
  8. Yes, handguns legal but still must fall below 22 cal. My original post before edit said no handguns but then I actually read what I took a screen shot of and corrected what I stated.
  9. 6.5mm is too large a caliber for it. I have to stay 22 cal or below at night
  10. I’ve been looking into one to make into a coyote gun. In WV you have to use a 22 cal to hunt coyotes at night. What I’ve found is that a 22” barrel is about where it is best.
  11. Thanks for this. I was going to pick up some more 10rd mags and grabbed them with this discount. Discount plus free shipping. Only downside is that WV now requires state tax on internet orders. Only a few websites I’ve ordered from actually have it built in and this is one. Still a good deal.
  12. Some goodies for my AR15 arrived today. I had never upgraded the stock from what came on it. Was only going to buy the MFT stock but when I went to check out I could get free shipping if I spent a little bit more. The difference almost made the pmag buy one get one.
  13. Does primary arms give the hold overs for the BDC with different bullet weights with being sighted in at a specific distance? I’m basing this question on how a scope like Nikon has their spot-on app.
  14. It is multiple calibers....5.56, 357 mag, 40 s&w, 308. What made it odd was a 150 round box of a different than normal 556 I get just to try out and 2 boxes of 20 of 308 hunting rounds. Had a couple different people in on this order bc shipping was rediculous but the per round price was great. There is some rebate on the federal 5.56 stuff right now, like 5 cents per round. For example a box of 500 is $145 but after the rebate it’s $120. They had the 308 federal gold metal match for $17.99 a box so I took most of what they had and now it’s completely out of stock (or it was last night, haven’t checked back today)
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