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  1. Don't be surprised if you have to open up the gas port a little - seems like .243 barrel ports come from the factory a little small. I opened mine up to .0935" for use with an adjustable gas block - barrel came with a .0625 port originally which didn't consistently lock the bolt back on the last round. Once I fixed that issue it shot great, my go to rifle now.
  2. I built a 24" barreled .243 and love the poop out of it. Has great accuracy in the 100-500 range and holds its own in a 1000 yard match. Fix your gas tube length, tune the adjustable gas block for your ammo, and enjoy the heck out of the .243.
  3. Bunch of reloading supplies, a 243 Win comparator, and a 16" stainless .45 Raptor barrel from X-caliber - scored a good deal during the X-caliber Election Day Sale, 45% off!
  4. You've seen my post on the my .243 build using the X-caliber barrel. Yes, I had a problem with the gas port size but it was a quick fix after seeking guidance on this board. Only thing I might do different if I was doing it over would perhaps be a shorter barrel - 24" plus another 2" of compensator is pretty long. 20" is probably a good all around length. Mine however is a tack driver even when shooting cheaper mass produced ammo and is a blast shooting steel at intermediate ranges. Can't wait to see what it does when I eventually get around to developing a 95 grain target load for 800 and 1000 yard ranges. Definitely stay with a quicker rifling twist rate (1 in 9") to stabilize heavier projectiles suitable for hunting deer. As for a bolt, I'm using an Aero Precision nitrided bolt - cleans up easily after a day at the range.
  5. Sweat build. I've got a 24" barrel and another 2 1/2" of compensator on my LR243, and I wouldn't change it for nothing. Unfortunately, I can't shoot to this rifle's potential, currently grouping less than one MOA with factory Hornaday SST ammo. What trigger are you running? I've got a Geiselle SSA-E on the LR243 and am thoroughly impressed with the trigger weight and break. Look forward to hearing how this ends up for you. I'm thinking about building another upper for my LR308 (currently w/ 18" barrel). Either longer barreled .308 or a bigger bore .338 or .358. Semper Fi, Ty
  6. For reference, mine's got a 12" handguard. I wanted to maximize my LR243 for use from 600 to 1000 yards hence the 24" length and 8 to 1 twist for heavier (95 - 107 grn) bullets. Good luck with your choice.
  7. Kiwi, I went around and around about the barrel length too before I finally settled on the 24" in the pictures here. That's a 24" barrel and another 2" of compensator. I'm not home to check overall weapon length for you but my LR243 as configured with the Magpul PRS stock is about 1 1/2" shorter than my Savage model 112 243 with 24" barrel. I too figured that I could have it shortened if I didn't like it but so far I'm digging it.
  8. Thanks for the scoop, I picked up 10 boxes also. Ty
  9. Youngest just recently home from college. After today, says she wants one of her own.
  10. Took the .243 out for a test drive today and it performed flawlessly! Just 3 rounds to tune the gas block after opening up the gas port to .094" as suggested. Then the youngest daughter and I took turns tearing the center out of a target at 100 yards and busting clay birds on the berm at 300 yards. Can't wait to develop handloads for it and try it at 600 to 1000 yards. Thank you again for the help.
  11. So at 24" and rifle length gas system I guess that the suggested port size of .099" was spot on. Can't wait to test it Saturday if the ranges on Quantico are open.
  12. Well I pulled the gas block off to measure the gas port - it was .060". I dug through my drill bit collection to find a suitable bit to open it up a little. Ended up with a 3/32" bit (.094"). Before and after photos below. All back together with 308 rifle length buffer spring reinstalled; waiting to test fire this weekend.
  13. Thanks for the input. I'll pull the gas block off again tonight and check the port diameter...and drill as necessary. Keeping my fingers crossed that it's that easy. Plan on test firing it again this weekend at the Quantico ranges if they are open. Will let you know how it works out. Ty
  14. Thanks again. Already made my first post asking about adjustable gas system, springs and buffers and you've pointed me in the right direction.
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