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Kraut Science & other items of interest


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One genuine HK front sight as used on the 416/417. This will fit any picatinny rail mount. 1.078 from rail base to tip of sight center post. Designed to be used with a Diopter rear sight of the proper height for the use intended. Included a pic of my shorty that has them both installed.....65.00 shipped or trade ( take a look at HK parts for their price, kraut science ain't cheap)

Item 2

BCG from a Springfield Armory Saint. This is a new take off, zero rounds fired. I replaced this with a Forward Control NP3 BCG that I had on the shelf for my 300 Blk shorty. I always pitch the FA in any AR and the FC BCG is configured for that use.......100.00 shipped ...or trade

Item(s) 3

On the left side is a trigger spring(s) & bits group from Forward Control. This set includes their outstanding properly sized take down pins + .040 longer. 

On the right side is the same collection of springs & bits but the pins are KNS push button units. These are real handy when doing a fit up as one does not need to have the pesky springs/dent installed. Not my pick for field use but a nice item for the tool box when needed.

Either group 22.00  shipped

Item 4

SIG .308 bolt catch....Somehow I managed to get a bunch of these units. Installed one in my Victor and it worked as it should. They are investment cast, some type of standard finish and genuine SIG spares for the AR take off that they build. Due to the variations of parts in the various 30 caliber ARs I cannot guarantee that they will work in all rifles, but the price is right and it never hurts to have a spare mag catch.

10.00 ea + shipping or 2 for 15.00 and I pay the shipping.

Item 5

GemTech direct screw on suppressor adaptor for M-14/ M1A. Like new condition. Used it a couple of times but sold the can and replaced the GemTech with a Smith Vortex

60.00 .....shipped

Thats it for now.......If interested drop me a note.

By the way, do we have any 1911 shooters on this forum???? If so another parts post is in order.








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23 minutes ago, Inet said:

By the way, do we have any 1911 shooters on this forum???? If so another parts post is in order.


You haven't seen our pistol section yet, obviously.  Go check it out.  Look for the "Show off your 1911s" thread.

We shoot everything, on this forum, man.  All of it - and even some things that nobody has ever even heard about yet, ever... :thumbup:

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Have a slightly worked Glock 41 for when I have to deal with the " firearms instructors" that have a cow when they see a proper fighting pistol in condition one.....I think its out in the shed, no reason to look at that one tho.....Its perfection ya know.

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