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    Northern Michigan
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    Motors & Machines 24/7 - Oil cooled GSXR junkie -.308 Battle Rifles - .45ACP 1911s that work and one lonely Glock 41

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  1. Welcome......I'm over in Houghton Lake.
  2. Thanks for the input.... not really sure what specs SAI used for their .308 AR. New release rifle so no one else seems to have anything on the shelf, so to speak, ready to go. Just thought I'd post a note here as a place to start researching . Tomorrow I plan on a call to SAI and see what they have to say on the subject. I agree with you that there should be a quad rail that will install straight away, just need to figure out which one fits.
  3. Have been researching various hand guards that are available and thought I'd run by what I am looking for here. I want to replace the Mlok hand guard that came on my SAI Victor with a proper quad rail 12-13" length. My barrel nut measures 1.553 O.D. and can be turned down a bit if necessary. Top rail height is not an issue as that can be worked around if it does not match my receiver rail. Some of the rails advertised have the ID listed-some not. Can machine what is needed if required for receiver match, looking about for something in a close ballpark fit. Just acquired a compact clip on NV devise that mounts in front of the day scope however the Victor hand guard has no 12 o'clock rail. Any input from those in the know would be welcomed.
  4. Something to get Friday morning moving along,
  5. Inet


    Welcome from Michigan
  6. IOR Valdada M1 or M2 with either the MP9 nato or Dragunov Reticle. There is also a CQB reticle available but I have no experience with that one. Ran both of the others on my M1A and never had any problems. 4x24mm/30mm tube, superb glass, Illuminated reticle, built like a tank. Only downside for me was they have eye relief on the order of an ACOG. Pretty short but would not be a problem on a AR like it was on my M1A. They run about 700-800 or so new, used ones go for about 350-500. Cannot say enough about the Dragunov reticle. Zero the rifle/scope, reticle does all the work from there on out. Range finder is spot on also.
  7. Hand guard that ships with the SAI Saint pistols w/9" barrel. Barrel nut and mounting hardware included. Finger stop & BCM sling mount comes along with the hand guard. 50.00 shipped or trade Mlok items to get a Surefire Scout mounted & squared away. Includes a GI issue pressure switch, switch mounting plate, cantilever mount/ hardware and 2 molested Magpul poly rails and one poly rail that escaped the saw. Will still need the switch cap for the Scout to make this all work. 40.00 shipped or trade Buy everything at one time 80.00 shipped or trade Ended up using a BCM quad rail so this stuff is up for grabs. If interested drop me a note
  8. Thanks.....My first 1911 was a 1916 issue that made its way back from Europe in the bottom of a duffel bag. Was passed down to me when the time was right. Learned a lot from that pistol. Keep em simple /use Ordnance specs as a guideline and they will go bang every time the trigger is pulled.
  9. Roger that...used a pair of centers and then a 30mm ground bar to check out alignment on my Aadmount and it was spot on. Indicator zeroed on the bar did not even move when the rings were torqued to recommended specs.
  10. Folds flat and tucks in nicely if you decide/ have the option for optics later on down the road.
  11. If you have a flat top AR10 give the Matech a try on the rear. I picked a new one up for 40.00 shipped on Ebay. Fully adjustable , metal construction, GI issue. Works a treat with the standard gas block sight or a fixed variation off the hand guard dovetail.
  12. M1 Garand/M14 sights get my vote. On the AR some variation of GI spec that has been offered. Not fond of carting around glass on a rifle but as others have pointed out, time passing has a way of making iron sights become how one used to look at things.
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