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    Motors & Machines 24/7 - Oil cooled GSXR junkie -.308 Battle Rifles - .45ACP 1911s that work and one lonely Glock 41

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  1. IOR Valdada M1 or M2 with either the MP9 nato or Dragunov Reticle. There is also a CQB reticle available but I have no experience with that one. Ran both of the others on my M1A and never had any problems. 4x24mm/30mm tube, superb glass, Illuminated reticle, built like a tank. Only downside for me was they have eye relief on the order of an ACOG. Pretty short but would not be a problem on a AR like it was on my M1A. They run about 700-800 or so new, used ones go for about 350-500. Cannot say enough about the Dragunov reticle. Zero the rifle/scope, reticle does all the work from there on out. Range finder is spot on also.
  2. Hand guard that ships with the SAI Saint pistols w/9" barrel. Barrel nut and mounting hardware included. Finger stop & BCM sling mount comes along with the hand guard. 50.00 shipped or trade Mlok items to get a Surefire Scout mounted & squared away. Includes a GI issue pressure switch, switch mounting plate, cantilever mount/ hardware and 2 molested Magpul poly rails and one poly rail that escaped the saw. Will still need the switch cap for the Scout to make this all work. 40.00 shipped or trade Buy everything at one time 80.00 shipped or trade Ended up using a BCM quad rail so this stuff is up for grabs. If interested drop me a note
  3. Thanks.....My first 1911 was a 1916 issue that made its way back from Europe in the bottom of a duffel bag. Was passed down to me when the time was right. Learned a lot from that pistol. Keep em simple /use Ordnance specs as a guideline and they will go bang every time the trigger is pulled.
  4. Roger that...used a pair of centers and then a 30mm ground bar to check out alignment on my Aadmount and it was spot on. Indicator zeroed on the bar did not even move when the rings were torqued to recommended specs.
  5. Folds flat and tucks in nicely if you decide/ have the option for optics later on down the road.
  6. If you have a flat top AR10 give the Matech a try on the rear. I picked a new one up for 40.00 shipped on Ebay. Fully adjustable , metal construction, GI issue. Works a treat with the standard gas block sight or a fixed variation off the hand guard dovetail.
  7. M1 Garand/M14 sights get my vote. On the AR some variation of GI spec that has been offered. Not fond of carting around glass on a rifle but as others have pointed out, time passing has a way of making iron sights become how one used to look at things.
  8. This thread has been a really good read , a lot of " hands on" inside info. Nothing has been added for a looking glass so thought I'd offer a bit of input on that. My intended use was about the same as your requirements. 600-1000 yards but using .308 Was looking for something that had the HD construction of the IOR Valdada M2 I was using but actually be able to clearly see what the target was beyond 500 yards or so. 30 cal gas guns are hell on optics, couple that with active field use and one ends up with a rather large collection of reasons why the term "Iron sights don't Die" is absolute. Tier1 optics are not cheap, but when I added up what I spent on all of the alloy tubes that rattle when ya shake em a major step up was in order....Enter US Optics ST-10 fixed 10 power 37mm, Illuminated MIL reticle, 30mm tube, side focus,EREK elevation dial. USO dropped production of this scope in 2017 or so and went to a variable version. As such, used examples of the ST-10 are showing up at what I considered a fair price for what one gets. Found mine on Ebay, in like new condition, original box, paperwork, etc. from the guy that bought it. He used it on a long range target rifle off the bench and was moving to a variable. Price....1000.00 shipped. Now something was needed to attach the scope and a one pc mount to take advantage of the full length AR receiver rail as opposed to individual rings that were being used on my M1A/RAS set up. Aadmount had just what was needed....Price 220.00 They had a blem listed so I saved a few bucks and had that one sent. The scope/mount together weighs in @ 2lbs 7oz..Yep, its made out of metal. No plastic- pot metal stamped innards with this one. Included a link to Aadmount, they make these up in small runs, so if you want one there may be a wait involved. They have some nifty scope covers also. https://aadmount.com/ Optics end up being a choice that seem to vari depending on what the individual desires and the intended use. Mine are absolute rock solid construction, repeatable tracking, optical definition, reticle that is easy to use and be able to withstand the abuse I tend to administer to anything that has my name on it.
  9. Yep, my thoughts exactly. There is a bizillion rounds of 7.62 in the pipeline not to mention all the weapons that feed on them. Same can be said for 5.56
  10. Bout the same in Northern Michigan as the San Diego forecast above. Running brake lines front to rear on one of my E-350s so just about perfect temp wise for shade tree wrenching. Wanted to get out the range this weekend but may wait as the place is going to be packed. Monday thru Thursday pretty much have complete run of the place.
  11. Have a slightly worked Glock 41 for when I have to deal with the " firearms instructors" that have a cow when they see a proper fighting pistol in condition one.....I think its out in the shed, no reason to look at that one tho.....Its perfection ya know.
  12. Found it...Thanks for the heads up. Looks as tho another list is in order.
  13. Figured I'd add my twins. Both frame up builds. Tritium front sight , 10-8 rear. USGI parts where they have to be, Genuine Colt for the most part where it should be. EGW got the nod for most everything else. Lightweight Officer-Commander is for carry, Hi-cap is for the field. loaded wt 2lbs 2 oz for the shorty, 3lbs 4oz for the fat one. Carry gun feeds on 230 grain GMM, the fat one anything its fed. Party mix to Underwood .45 super, fat gun don't care, it just likes to eat.
  14. One genuine HK front sight as used on the 416/417. This will fit any picatinny rail mount. 1.078 from rail base to tip of sight center post. Designed to be used with a Diopter rear sight of the proper height for the use intended. Included a pic of my shorty that has them both installed.....65.00 shipped or trade ( take a look at HK parts for their price, kraut science ain't cheap) Item 2 BCG from a Springfield Armory Saint. This is a new take off, zero rounds fired. I replaced this with a Forward Control NP3 BCG that I had on the shelf for my 300 Blk shorty. I always pitch the FA in any AR and the FC BCG is configured for that use.......100.00 shipped ...or trade Item(s) 3 On the left side is a trigger spring(s) & bits group from Forward Control. This set includes their outstanding properly sized take down pins + .040 longer. On the right side is the same collection of springs & bits but the pins are KNS push button units. These are real handy when doing a fit up as one does not need to have the pesky springs/dent installed. Not my pick for field use but a nice item for the tool box when needed. Either group 22.00 shipped Item 4 SIG .308 bolt catch....Somehow I managed to get a bunch of these units. Installed one in my Victor and it worked as it should. They are investment cast, some type of standard finish and genuine SIG spares for the AR take off that they build. Due to the variations of parts in the various 30 caliber ARs I cannot guarantee that they will work in all rifles, but the price is right and it never hurts to have a spare mag catch. 10.00 ea + shipping or 2 for 15.00 and I pay the shipping. Item 5 GemTech direct screw on suppressor adaptor for M-14/ M1A. Like new condition. Used it a couple of times but sold the can and replaced the GemTech with a Smith Vortex 60.00 .....shipped Thats it for now.......If interested drop me a note. By the way, do we have any 1911 shooters on this forum???? If so another parts post is in order.
  15. Lower end parts are sold....thanks Alex.! More to post up later tonight.
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