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PA-10 (first) Shots fired report.


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So I finally got my mess together and made it to the range and shot my brand new rifle. 

A few years ago, Palmetto State Armory had some issues with this platform. Instead of ignoring their customers, they worked with them. They sent rifles to a few gun reviewers on YouTube, and asked "what is wrong with this rifle". This was a smart move on their part, in my opinion. 

My rifle was produced 2 months ago, so it's their latest run. So here is my results for my first time with it.

Shooting Federal 7.62X51 149 GR FMJ. This is a light bullet but I got it at a good price. I figured it was fine for break in.

Zero failures to feed

Zero failures to eject

Did not chew up my brass.

With every shot I was expecting problems. I was nervous about the Law Tactical folding stock causing buffer issues. I installed my own Geissele trigger, which was a concern, because I'd never done that before. This was my first time shooting this this platform, so today was just about getting used to things. I had no problems whatsoever. The rifle performed flawlessly. As for the accuracy, honestly I was all over 10 moa @ 100 yards, trying to sight in without a spotting scope, so I need to go back and get dialed in better. At least I know my rifle does function. I paid $612 for this rifle. I couldn't be happier. I see older runs having issues, and folks here say to swap gas tube out. I didn't have any problems with mine, so I think if you buy new, from here forward, you shouldn't have a problem. On their website, there is a notify tab on their rifles, so you'll get an email when they have another run for sale. A run usually sells in 2 days. 

So there ya go, that's mah range report. Super stoked about how my rifle shot today. Cant wait to get back to the range.


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2 hours ago, W.E.G. said:

Tell us about the extractor.

Does it have two counter-wound springs?

Do the feed ramps show any signs of grinding?

Actually, the shells did show 2 scratches. They didn't dent the case, but it did scratch it. I'll be going shooting again soon, and show some pictures. I did look for that. They were just very light. 

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