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First Outing with Noveske Rogue Hunter 300Blackout/Reloads


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Finally finished up some round of 300blk using 5-10yr old 125gr Nosler Ballistic Tips and some recently purchased Sierra 110gr JHP Varminter bullets.

Loaded up 5rd groups of three different powder levels for each and a couple of 2rd combos of higher powder levels for the NBT's.

Here are the rounds ready to go to the range:



Read more on my blog at: http://bigrackholsters.blogspot.com/2011/08/300-aac-blackout-noveske-rogue-hunter.html

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25yd results. Got some more loads in the works and will get it sighted in at 100 yards. Gun shows really good potential and will be shot at 100, 200 and 300 yards in the near future.

Nosler Ballistic Tips loads:

5rd Groups:




[2rd "Group"(Checking for pressure, but has potential):


Reformed LC Brass

Winchester WSR Primer

Hodgdon H110 Powder

Trim Length 1.358"

OAL 2.086"

Sierra 110gr JHP Varminter Rounds:




Reformed LC Brass

Winchester WSR Primer

Hodgdon H110 Powder

Trim Length 1.358"

OAL 1.986"

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Damn, you've got your hands full with load development - a couple of those look really, really good, and none of them look bad at all.  That's some pretty cool results.  <thumbsup>

To say I was pleased would be an understatement. 

Not sure if it's the loads or the Noveske upper, but either way i'll be buying more Noveske products. <thumbsup>

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I was really disappointed that there where no 100yrd pictures in the mix.

Baby steps.

Got to have ammo to shoot at 100, no ammo available locally, so now I've got to slowly work up some rounds that will be used out to 100 yards. 

Planning on finalizing a load this week and shooting out to 100 yards this weekend or early next week.

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Check the reloading section for some of the ones I have loaded . 125's,150's 135MK's .

You will also see some that are on the over pressure side(and I said so ) & they may give you some limits & also I chrono'ed results also.

Its been so Hot ,you can fry an egg at the range & I have two rifles to test this week ,if we don't get much rain from Irene.

Hay, it might cool it off ,but we are expecting 30-40 mph winds & the bitch is missing us .

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