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WAY Newbie PSA 10 bolt question?

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Ok, never owned, used, nor shot an AR before, though I am well versed and accomplished with other guns.  I just bought a PSA PA308.  I bought an assembled upper in 308 A2 style, and a bit later an assembled lower, also in A2 flavor.  (Hey, I like the nostalgic look.)

When disassembling the rifle for the initial cleaning, lubrication, and inspection, I of course disassembled the bolt carrier, but not the extractor parts.  The cam pin was a little fidgety to get out, as expected from my studies, but it did finally come out with no force required.

Now, my understanding is that you install the cam pin with the flat aligned with the gas key, (of course), and then rotate it 90 degrees so that the flats of the pin are crossways to the bolt, and the cam pin could not try to come out, nor become jammed.

Therein lies my problem and question....  on mine, if I rotate the cam pin 90 degrees, then the firing pin won't go back in.  The ONLY way the firing pin will go back into place is if the flats of the cam pin stay oriented fore and aft, as you place them for disassembly.

Is my cam pin bored wrong for the firing pin, or am I missing something here?

Thanks a bunch for any help,




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Oh cool!   You just made my day!  THANKS!

Well, while I'm here...  I am a big strong guy, but this AR seems awfully hard to charge.  My scope sits long and low over the charging handle, and with my big hands, I can't get a good grasp on both hooks of the handle.  Charging it by just grabbing the left side to unlatch and charge with my weaker left hand is pretty tough.  Just needing break in??

(I have a larger handled ambidextrous charging handle on order...)

Thanks again,


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On 8/6/2019 at 5:34 PM, Vettepilot said:

(I have a larger handled ambidextrous charging handle on order...)

^^^  That's the answer on just about any scoped AR, small frame or large frame.  Extended charging handles make an immense difference on a scope AR.  They should all be that way, IMHO.  .308ARs are gonna be harder to charge - that's just their nature.  Heavier spring than AR15 parts. 

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Ok, so I got my Raptor Ambidextrous charging handle, and MAN does it make a difference.  I am super happy with the purchase, and now I can easily charge the gun one handed with no struggling to get ahold  of the handle.  Way cool!  I got it from 3CR Tactical for only 28 bucks with pretty quick shipping.  (I've seen it elsewhere for as much as 100 bucks....)

Ok, another question.  I have a lathe and a good mill.  Which jigs would you guys recommend for both AR 15 and AR 308 80% lower finishing, using of course the mill instead of a drill press or router?  I know, with a mill you don't really need jigs, but for the ease of layout and "warm fuzzy feeling" that the layout is perfect, I can (hopefully) justify the cost of going ahead and buying the jig(s).





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