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Obligatory range pics for new rifle

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I had changed scope mounts to what I'm going to permanently use (for now)  ;D

First a prequalifier, I see all over the net what people say they shoot IE: "my gun shoots 3 shots touching at 100 yards all day long"  Then I see pics of said gun locked into a lead sled or gun vice, whateva.

Anyway....this range trip is really what I and my gun will do together on a given day because I'll never have it locked into anything.  On with the show.

Here is my portable bench setup, not concrete but good enough for public land shooting.


I've had this gun for somewhere around a month I think...time flies. When I traded for it the PO told me he had 7 rounds through it to test for function and cleaned.  That's my breakin because I've put about 80 rounds through it and haven't cleaned it yet.  I keep it oiled and I can't see anything down the barrel at all....I know I know....I probably need to at least try to clean some copper out of it.  There were all on a previously used backer so you'll see a few shots marked out that were from a previous session.

Here is 2 groups of 175smk over 44.5 varget LC brass 200 primer, mag length load.  The group on the left was first then I adjusted the scope right.  The group on the left is 1/2" the group on the right is 1.25".  Just goes to show what you can do one group after another.  <lmao>  On the second shot of the first group I wondered where the bullet went.  Couldn't see them touching from 100 yards with 10X.


That was all I had loaded of the 175.  I switched to my hunting load, 165 btsp over 44.5 Varget LC brass 200 primer, mag depth....at least until I shot a few, then all my soft round nose looked like semi wad cutters  :o

i shot a 10 round group, upper left is all me as I knew I twitched as the trigger broke.


Shooting high on purpose although a little to high after sighting with the 175.  So then I had another target that had shots in the bottom but nothing in the center.  I held under what it looked like I was shooting over and shot this single shot in the X.


Looks like I'm plenty ready for deer season.

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