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Chest rig/ battle belt


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  • @Cunuckgaucho asked me what's all in my chest rig, at the last Fall Shoot.  I started to tell him what's in there, and said, "We'll get everything out and go over it all in awhile..."   Things got so crazy, that we never ended up doing that...

Well, I keep two small notebooks in there, and a good pen.  One notebook is a cheap little throw-away, that I write anything and everything in.  Once I confirm some information, it then gets crossed over into the Rite-In-The-Rain "permanent notebook."  I got a BUNCH of data today from shooting, that needs to be crossed over to the permanent notebook now...  :thumbup:



I thought I'd try something different and rather then derail a thread just start a new one.

I'm sure you had more than two notebooks and a pen @98Z5V in your set up,

Looking for some input and ideas as I set something up for myself.The idea is that anything up to a planned 24hr will be on belt

On my visit south I got a chance to see some gear set ups not really common up here. I liked the battle belt/ chest rig set ups, up here for hiking/hunting a small backpack is the goto. Plus everything is in one bag.

Unless one has multiple size backpacks you end up with unneeded carrying capacity plus swapping gear back and forth( potential to forget something)

The idea is a padded belt that has the basic kit whether a day hike  or longer- two water bottles/canteens( rather two smaller than one large), a first aid pouch,snack/food pouch,emergency pouch( matches, firestarter cubes,paracord,garbage bag,compass), multi tool

 Task specific pouches that are added as needed ex- shooting(DOPE,notebook,pen/pencil,monocle)

 For longer duration adding a small pack( with water bladder), better shelter,more food,water filter etc.

So what brands are people using?

What am I missing- my primary use is PNW( mountains,forest)

Monocle vs binocular? Brand suggestion?

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Good observation, and good launch of a valuable pile of information, brother.  I'll have alot of rigs to go over, and I like layers.  I'll layer what I can, to make it easy to change. 

This would be my preferred method for a gunfight, and I can layer it.  Armor plate carrier, chest rig, gun belt.  Mission might dictate that there's little chance of contact, and my Ruck is gonna weigh 120lbs. In that case, might ditch the armor.  Mission dictates...


Tactical Tailor in Tacoma, WA is my go-to for great nylon gear.  Always has been, for the better part of 25+ years now.  Been into that stuff since the early '90s, when Logan Coffey first started it up.  The gear just works, and I've deployed it a bunch.  TT MAV Chest Rig, TT Y-Harness, TT double mag pouches on that rig.  Blue Force Gear pistol single mag pouches. The pistol belt has the med pouch on it, pistol holster, More BFG rifle and pistol single mag pouches.  That would be 7 mags rifle, 7 mags pistol, with loaded guns on your body. 

If it was a dedicated armor-all-the-time situation, the stuff on the chest rig would be direct-mounted on that plate carrier, but the plate carrier would still be worn in conjunction with the gun belt. 


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This rig is what I purpose built for a deployment to Afghaniland in late 2003.  I added that ACU-colored bag to the back of it in 2005, to carry a CamelBak there, on one of the Bataan Memorial Death Marches.  Tactical Tailor MAV 2, TT triple 5.56 mag pouches x 4.



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After we - here - started doing more Long Distance, and we decided to do High Angle, I made this Tactical Tailor rig, specifically for distance shooting.  Knowing we were gonna haul our asses up that highass hill, and shoot down - we needed to get our gear UP there.  Everything you'd need to get up there and set up, run your numbers, and make your shots.

Whaddaya gonna do, come back DOWN because you forgot something?...   "Back in an hour, guys..."   :bitchslap::laffs:


Tactical Tailor MAV Chest Rig, 2 x TT SAW Ammo Pouches, 1 x TT multi-pouch, med bag with a cutter on the front, 2 x TT grenade pouches, 1 x TT strobe pouch, 1 x TT small radio pouch, 1 x TT Admin pouch.  No TT Y-Harness on this one...  Just the X-Harness that the MAV comes with...

I'll go over the contents of this thing tomorrow afternoon - everything in every pocket, and why it's there.  :thumbup: 

Edited by 98Z5V
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