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Everything posted by Cunuckgaucho

  1. So progress is a bit slow as we're into Feb now, seems between Christmas and SHOT Show it's slowed things down. On the plus side glass has been choosen and I'm going with the Apex Rival with MDT scope mount. Now to get the serial number and update my Form6, some of the first shots will likely take place at the Spring Shoot
  2. Disbanding The Black Devils was a crime.
  3. This is how I imagine my taste buds sounding like if they could vocalize
  4. We're all special... it's just what type of special we are that needs to be sorted out.
  5. He's just setting you up to relax your expectations...
  6. Watch once it's pointed out that it wasn't an assult pistol they'll rephrase with assult style pistol. Up here when it was pointed out that they calling assult rifles weren't they started calling them assult style rifles
  7. So this egg thing is getting a bit silly, here's a picture I took tonight grocery shopping in the egg section. Those baskets are usually full of egg cartons... the norm is Canadians crossing the border to by milk and cheese we're not used to things going the other way
  8. Add a chain to it for your car keys and you'll never lose them...
  9. The egg thing didn't make sense till I came across this story in BBC from- https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-64337403 Attempts to smuggle eggs from Mexico or Canada can result in fines of up to $10,000 (£8,140), officials warn. And yet, soaring egg prices in the US have tempted many to cross the border, where they can be bought for half the price, to bring back the delicate cargo, Seizures at border posts have spiked by more than 100%. US egg prices were up 60% in December compared to the previous year. Between 1 October and 31 December alone, egg and poultry seizures rose 108%, according to Department of Agriculture statistics.
  10. That's skookum as we say up here. Being able to have a couple hard cases that can be reconfigured to provide solid protection for any rifle you have. Or if you change optics, furniture ,barrel it's a quick adjustment.
  11. Another man who led an interesting life, talk about a job with very thin line between right and wrong.When I saw his picture it made me think Rick Moranis could be his brother. His story made me recollect a Britsh show I watched as a kid called Danger UXB and was based on the guys defusing unexploded German bombs in England durring WW2.
  12. It the idea that an Australian company which is a country with a anti gun government that I find amusing
  13. Very interesting, I like the part of how hard he worked at getting kicked out of West point. I wonder if he had considered trying Klinger's dress wearing tactic?
  14. On the plus side it appears the screw slots are vertical That look more residential so sadley I'll have to pass on it, maybe you should upgrade and automate their lighting
  15. Tennis balls are proof of concept,pretty sure it will scale up to launch bowling balls. It's a pretty neat design concept, compact and looks like it would break down easily for storage and transport. Plus like the A-10 gattling gun the design lends itself to the use of an electric motor The real crazy girlfriend would likely Lorraine Bobbit him and launch his balls...
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