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  1. I think most have heard of Sgt. York exploits in the war, seeing this side of the man makes him that much more impressive as a man who truly served his fellow man.
  2. Cunuckgaucho


    Here's hoping it gives your Florida place a wide bereth. Guess I'm having trouble keeping up with your jetset lifestyle
  3. It probably come from the early days of flying where the was a belief that pilots with 'chutes would be to quick to abandon their plane.
  4. What's ironic is that pilots make terible passangers, they're happy if they have the stick but if it's someone else...
  5. Wonder what his pilot buddys think, the idea of jumping out of a perfectly good plane. My uncle( Canadian Air Force) couldn't understand the idea of parachuting for fun. The best take away for me parachuting was the change from the noisy airplane then the quiet except for the sound of the wind and the view.
  6. Cunuckgaucho


    Looks like it was a great day of fishing. No issues with Hurricane Fiona? Friend on east coast of Canada just got clobbered
  7. That made me smile... This made me laugh...
  8. While checking for Killer Elite on Scribd it also suggested Violence of Action: The Untold Stories of the 75th Ranger Regiment in the War on Terror along with number of other books along the same vein
  9. @DNP check out scribd.com has a 30 day free trial. Lots of audio books,wide range of fiction and non fiction and suprisingly good selection of firearms and other technical stuff. Anything in pdf format is downloadable.
  10. Looking good @Sisco have a great day fishing
  11. I like were they put the fuel filler, also as a plus the look on people's faces when you drive out of the electric car charging parking spot
  12. Hell of a story and another gentleman who served in 3 wars over his life. Went in a infantry private left a colonel and a helicopter pilot
  13. He sounds like a soldier's soldier.
  14. A lovely piece of art I miss being able to buy/build ARs( large and small) here's hoping there is a change of government up here soon. The new leader of the Conservaitive party( voted in yesterday) is very pro gun.
  15. While I'm not a royalist she did come across with a lot of class, I can't say that for the remaining lot.
  16. If I didn't shoot on rainy days here there would be a lot less shooting here on the wet coast.
  17. Very jealous, been about 5 years since I last saw northern lights
  18. A lot of idiots seem to act like human violence didn't start till the gun was invented. China has a history of mass murder with knifes,Japan preferes arson or poison gas. If you can't keep weapons out of the hands of people in prison where they're constaly watched, searched and limited access how will that work in the real world with hardware stores?
  19. So on Sunday 2 brothers went on a killing spree. Highlights- 10 dead 18 injured( no report on range of severity so it might result in more deaths) It happened over 13 different locations One brother found dead( stab wounds) other brother still unaccounted for. Everyone killed or injured was stabbed. for more detail https://www.bbc.com/news/world-62803059
  20. A legal gun owner that tip toes over the line, usually a paperwork thing is looking at loss of licence, loss of firearms( usually upon being charged not convicted) and jail time. A guy gets caught smugling handguns across the border in Quebec, 248 handguns and prohibited parts. That gets you 5 years but paroled after 1. So much for tough on gun crime
  21. Glad you your neighbors and the officers involved are ok, here's looking forward to a more peaceful neighborhood and good hunting not worrying about those guys.
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