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Everything posted by Cunuckgaucho

  1. Ain't that life deals show up in bunches... unfortunately it's usually inversely to funds in the toys account Up here the Hi Power to try and get is an Inglis Hi Power, Canadian built pistol by a company better known for appliances.
  2. Quality not quantity my friend and the entertainment factor is second to no other forum
  3. If it rolls, floats, flies or shoots, Runs on gasoline or gunpowder, goes fast, shoots a big bullet, and makes lots of noise, thus producing torque and recoil, it's cool. But if it's a ball, made out of leather or inflated with air, that's hit with a bat, raquet, or club, used in a game played on a course, green, or court by yuppies, Democrats, or liberals - screw it.
  4. Another great read and jump off point to do some more reading about history.
  5. I hear in the world of rabbits the expression goes somewhat like " Breeding like Matt C. " Congrats Matt
  6. So progress is slow, turns out I can't cut up the donner gun, other than the wood being cut up and sight guard missing, it's all origional and the barrel is untouched( most sporterized have the barrel cut down). So now looking for NOS stock set to restore the donner gun. Good news is I did finf a stripped reciever and bolt which is a plus as removing Enfield barrels is not fun. Needs a good cleaning and I'm leaning towards creakote rather than blueing. Also thinking of two stock sets 1- wood and copy of origional ( sadly with fake can) and a moderen version( collapsible stock, pistol grip and modern handguard)
  7. These post always make me pause and reflect
  8. If he wasn't in California and further north he could pass it off as snow camouflage
  9. Lee Classic Turret is an excellent press( not to be confused with the Lee Turret) It was my first press and nothing bad to say about it. I know a couple guys that have run 10s of thousands of rounds through their presses. I find ziplock bags great for storing/sorting brass. I throw a 3x5 index card in the bag to list caliber, brand, number of times shot and where in procces the brass is( deprimed, resized, trimed etc.)
  10. Deep down I can almost smell it
  11. A good bench that will not flex when operating the press and good lighting, distraction free area and comfortable.
  12. I wonder how many permutations of porn type name with tractor in them people are trying in an attempt to find the site he was 'researching'
  13. So while there has been some joking about tractor porn by fellow members, turns out it's not a laughing matter... who knew from- https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/5/1/uk-lawmaker-resigns-after-viewing-porn-in-house-of-commons highlights- Parish, chairman of the house’s Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, said he was trying to look at a tractor website, but stumbled into a porn site with a similar name and watched it for “a bit”. “I think I must have taken complete leave of my senses and my sensibilities and in a sense of decency, everything,” he told the BBC. “[It was] a moment of madness and also totally wrong… I’m not going to defend it. “My biggest crime is that on another occasion I went in a second time, and that was deliberate.’’
  14. There have been a number of well known actors who served with distiction in the 40-60s that didn't try and capitalize on their records. Now days people want accolades for the dumbest stuff.
  15. All these stories make you think.
  16. 'tis a fine line between genius and insanity...
  17. Here I was thinking " humm self I wonder if there will be any entertainment at this years Fall Shoot"
  18. The politically correct term is 'wealth distribution'
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