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Christensen Arms Compatibility

The Extractor

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You're gonna have to make a telephone call to Christiensen about that one.  Nobody here is gonna know, from experience.  Never been posted, if anyone has one.


Call them on the phone...  Might be completely proprietary.

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7 minutes ago, The Extractor said:

Thanks for the reply, I forgot to include that I emailed them and got the " We don't know. There is no 308 AR mil spec standard to follow. Test fit."

Your best bet is probably their lower. It looks like DPMS pattern, but that's looks, not a guarantee. 

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20 minutes ago, The Extractor said:

I dont think I want to pay their price. It is potentially more affordable than I am assuming it to be however.  

The upper has 20 moa built into it and I dont think I would need that.

Maybe I should ditch the upper as well and build around the barrel.

How far do you plan on shooting this rifle?  That 20MOA can be very, very handy...

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10 minutes ago, The Extractor said:

I'm not a good distance shooter at this time but I would like to try for a little more distance. At what ranges would the 20moa work the best ? It is a 308 by the way.

Will the 20moa be a problem for a 100 yard zero?

Nope, not at all, with most modern quality scopes.  It really helps when you're stretching that .308 out, though.  There are scopes that won't dial all the way for 1000 yards, but a 10MOA or 20MOA setup get's them there.  I have 10MOA scope mounts on the ones I use at distance, and a 20MOA setup on the short Grendel.  That 20MOA that you have isn't a hindrance at all, and with it built in to the upper, that's a bonus. I wouldn't get rid of that upper setup - that's some quality stuff, and it might be worth searching out that lower, just to make it happen.  :thumbup:

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Just start with a LaRue MBT2S trigger, and you'll be happy for the $87 that you spend on it.  Later, if you feel that trigger is lacking (you probably won't), you can change it out for a Geissele Hi-Speed National Match trigger at around $280.

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5 minutes ago, The Extractor said:

I have 2 different Geissele triggers in my other pew machines and they are great. Is the Larue nearly as good for a lot less $?

Yes, my man.  Yes it is.  I have a few Geissele's myself. I don't buy them anymore, unless it's for some really special build where I'll want something under the 4.5lb combined pull weight. I'll go with the LaRue everytime I can, for something that doesn't need to be over the top. I have a pile of these LaRue's in guns now. They really, really work, and work well.  They should be 3 times the price that they are.  You won't find a 2.5lb/4.5lb 2-stage trigger that's better, and if you buy something else in that spec, it's a waste of money.  No kidding. 

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