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300BLK trim die


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I'm thinking it might be time and cost effective to just buy brass from brad versus making my own.....made a cut off die out of an old. 223 sizer I picked up...still have to form and trim though..haven't done any quantity yet but it looks like it will be time consuming....then again winter in NY is coming so there will be plenty of time

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Although I haven't gotten to the point of loading 300 in large amounts yet. I have found that the only additional operation that is required is the cutting down of the .223/5.56 brass. The forming is done at the same time as the resizing so that part is no different than reloading any other cal. That's why I'm trying to figure out the fastest/easiest method to do it. I  agree that the extra step is a PITA. Eventually, I will have the cost/time trade off calculated and will decide which is the best option for me. The one thing that makes forming my own attractive to me, is that I have access to a LOT of free .223 brass.

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I didn't realize that at the time when I made the original post. Since I don't presently have any of the other components for the Dillon case trimmer, I guess I'm going to continue to cut my brass down on the lathe for the time being. I have 2000 factory 300BLK cases on order and I still have a decent amount of cut down 5.56 brass (as long as I don't have any further case splitting problems with that), so I guess it's not an emergency. I may try some of the brass from Brads warehouse.

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