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CMMG 308


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  • 4 weeks later...

I received one of the SASS .308's today from CDNN. Barrel is marked win 308, a call to CMMG said using 7.62X51 NATO was OK. Very nice fit and finish. Hopefully I will take it to the range tomorrow for it's first outing. FWIW CDNN also has a MAGPUL MOE equipped CMMG on their site as well that has a 16" SS Full Float barrel. The 2 stage trigger on the one I received has a nice crisp  feeling similar to my Rock River 2 stage.

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Post pics of your rifle, or you don't have one.  :o

I can't believe how many people have these, and NOBODY puts up pics of them.  I don't get that...  <dontknow>

No harm against you, z3406, but it's just another post by another owner - with no real reports.  If you can, put up pics, put up pics of shotgroups, anything... 

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The pic of the rifle on your post ahead of mine is the same as my rifle didn't see much point in posting another pic of the same  rifle. I tried to convey my initial impression of fit finish and function. I also addressed an issue for other potential purchasers  by sharing the results of my following up on shooting 7.62X51 in a barrel marked .308 Win. I said I hadn't shot it yet so what else do you expect??. Some additional information it ships in a cardboard box not a hard case has 2 Magpul mags with it and 3 two inch rail sections in a small bag for mounting on the handguard. Page 30 of the currently downloadable CDNN catalog 2011-4 has a pretty good pic of the rifle and a listing of its features. I have no connection with CDNN but I understand that they are the sole source for these rifles presently.

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Not trying to get under your skin, man, not at all.  Sorry about that.

I just see alot of people talking about this rifle, and it was pretty hard to even find a pic of one thus far.  Just curious for more information, of any type, about it.  <thumbsup>

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Here are some pics of my CMMG 308 with a Fulton Armory Titan Phantom 20" with flattop + Side Cocking. Phantom style free float tube. One 3 Inch Rail sling swivel and Flash Suppressor. Less than 50 rounds through it, says the seller from Calguns.

Lower is a CMMG, DPMS magazine compatible, With a Magpul PRS stock Contoured and palm shelf. And Raddlock Bullet Button (the new generation one that can go up and down).

I added the Red Dot 30mm and a UTG bipod ($27.00). Have not shot it yet. Bought from a guy on Calguns. I will get out to the range before Turkey Day and report back.




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  • 5 weeks later...

CMMG's two models are on my list of possibilities. Any and all range reports and/or issues (if any) are greatly appreciated. If possible, I'd be interested in their reliability with the "cheap" fodder, i.e. basic WWB, UMC, and if willing some steel cased ammo.

I know, I know. To some steel cased ammo is anathema, but bulk of what I'd shoot through it is going to be the lighter weight bullets, a.k.a. affordable, ammo be it steel and/or brass. Rarely would I be running FGMM or other match ammo through it due to the fact my wallet couldn't take it!  :'(

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