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308 AR reliability issues


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Hello guys. I like to keep all my guns as reliable as possible. I am aware that most of the AR-15s reputation for jamming isn't really attributed to the .308 and in many cases, not the AR-15 either (false rumors etc. I get that part and that's not what this is about.

Simply put, since I am building a .308 AR type rifle, I am curious of what known reliability issues there are with this overall design and what known fixes there are. Basically, what to do and what to avoid is all.

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use good quality parts from reputable companies, keep the gun lubed, and clean, maybe you would do well to keep spares for the common bolt components that tend to wear (just as with the AR 15). One thing that I have heard some complain about is problems with bolt catch breakage, although this has never happened to me.

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As said above , Quality parts & lubrication & you will find the big bore AR's work really well.

I do have one of mine (CMMG lower)that just will not work correctly with the Pmags ,but doesn't miss a beat with metal ones , so I use the Pmags for my DPMS build .

The DPMS build doesn't care what mag brand ,as long as it has ammo in it .

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308 semi auto fed rifles have enough power in the cartridge to blast through some of the problems you can get into with its little brother the 5.56.

That being said , if you neglect any rifle ,its going to end up with malfunctions.

It won't matter what type it is .

Yeah. I understand that. I'm more concerned about a gun's ability to hold up and work when/if the circumstances arrive that leave you without the means to maintain the weapon for a period of time as opposed to the freedom to neglect one's weapons under normal circumstances. In other words, I'm conscious of how the weapon will perform in a SHTF situation should it happen. Just one of many things I like to be prepared for. No that doesn't include this "2012" melt down silliness. I think I'd rather die early on then live through something like that. LOL.

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