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AR-10b and 6.5 x 47 Lapua


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I have a box of many AR-10(b) parts which I stopped building from when CA made building what I wanted illegal, but now, I have moved out that state and CAN build what I want.  So, I am resurrecting my AR-10(b) project.  One thing I do need is a barrel, but would like to get something chambered in 6.5 x 47 Lapua.  Are there any known (or possible) issues using this cartridge?  Note, this cartridge uses a small rifle primer.  Krieger will make me an AR-10 barrel, chambered in 6.5 x 47, to the length and contour I want, but am fuzzy on what can (or should) be done with regards to chamber dimensions.  For bolt guns, I sometimes use a custom reamer for chambering, but something tells me I best stick with SAAMI spec chambering on a semi-auto.  I would also like to know how harsh the AR-10 is on brass, since the brass I will be using is pricey Lapua.  Lastly, will I need to do any tuning of the gas system to work with this cartridge.  

The bolt carrier group is Armalite, as is everything else, except the lower receiver (Noveske N6).  

If anyone wants to know why I am choosing the 6.5 x 47 Lapua, I can explain that.  

Thank you,


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I had a few custom barrels made by Compass Lake; from Green Mountain blanks. Not sure what the turnaround time is on custom barrels with Compass Lake these days...

Not try to talk you out of your current plan one bit. But as you stated yourself; there are a few things to consider either way in terms of gas system, and chamber. Compass Lake will cut a chamber to brass you send in. Doing it yourself is also a fine option of course.

Very much interested in your decisions; and progress along the way.

Godspeed Sir!

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I sent an e-mail to Compass Lake, with all the specs and requirements I thought they may need.  I can provide them the brass and the Armalite bolt carrier group for proper fitment.  One thing I thought of that I am unsure about.  The Lapua brass uses small rifle primers.  I do not know if that may pose any problem with the Armalite bolt firing pin.  


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