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  1. I only come over here to listen to you regurgitate the same thing every other day to your 12 posters. I loved reading your accurate AR thread.
  2. They will make the tube any size you want,all you have to do is call them. They carry up to a plus 2 I've had them make a few custom ones for me. I'm sure you know how that goes
  3. https://www.usamade-ar15parts.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=155 If you want one that leaves nothing to guess
  4. This doesn't make sense as AR15discount is part of CDNN
  5. Glad it's all good. Rock River is really good to deal with, it sucks that some of their stuff is proprietary.
  6. Does that mean your tree climbing stories factual,such a fat little man with a big ego
  7. Pratt was spending time out in the glades with his buddy, plinking, getting high and stealing cars and robbing people. The whole situation was a mess before it even happened. The difference, Pratt was cool/high and the Fed's were on overdrive. Be honest, if you were getting shot at, lost your gun where would your mind be?
  8. I'm sure you already know, but for the people that do drive-by post. Those same folks have some mighty fine tunable pistol buffers. https://www.kakindustry.com/ar15-buffer-system
  9. The individual with the Mini-14 wasn't well trained, he was lucky. As for the federal agents, they were highly trained as well as LAZY, undisciplined and very unlucky. They would have won that fight easily if it wasn't for their false sense of security. Bullet proof vest on, ✔ Gun in hand/holster ✔ Eyes on the fight instead of the floor looking for your guns ✔ Dick(s) in your pants instead of gang banging a waitress ✔
  10. I heard of the head bust off of a regular cotter pin that someone substituted. Didnt blow up but it wasn't pretty having to beat it apart.
  11. Towards the bottom for 45acp https://www.kakindustry.com/ar-15-parts/barrels
  12. There no way I'd buy that stuff
  13. What was it hitting? Think about BCG,whats to stop that from getting stuck?
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