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300BLK article in Firearms News


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By James Tarr.

It's in the latest issue and is only part 1. 

It's worth checking out if someone is on the fence or wondering what it's all about. Frankly, just looking at the numbers would have most folks scratching their head and muttering as they walk away. That is, until understanding dawns. 

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I can certainly understand that. 

My all the time can isn't quiet so much as cheats at being short, but it handles supersonic and blast. Short and handling blast being the goals for my build. There's a review of the can in the appropriate section. My other can can only handle subsonic and I have yet to load any of those. It'll happen given enough time. 

The 2nd part of the article came in the mail yesterday. I haven't gotten to it yet but the first part was decent. I learned things about the cartridge that I didn't know. But yes, once it was mentioned it made sense. It's precisely why I chose the cartridge, they just put what I had seen in the data into words and explanation. 

(The wayback machine turns back time with a strange undulating sound)

Years ago I looked at ballistics and ft/lbs and such to determine the "best" cartridge. OK, that was all bullpoopy. But that can work for certain applications and it fit my mindset at the time. But today I look more to determine certain niche applications that I need to fill. The 300BLK does what it does out of a short barrel and that's the magic. If I just looked at charts I'd have said, "You gotta be kidding me!". But didn't once I realized what the cart' design was all about. So far I like the cartridge alot. I find it easy to load for and the performance is good and as far as my build (not MY build!) I like it alot. It's exactly what I wanted to fill a niche use that I hope I never need to use. 

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