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Federal Champion Primers


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Hello Guys and Maybe a Gal or two

I’ve read a few places of Federal Primers being too soft for SemiAuto Lr-308s.  I have access to some Federal Champion Primers.  Will these work especially if I always load the rounds from the clip... Or will there be a slight chance of Slam fire using these Primers?  I am going to start learning to reload, especially if I ever get a 7mm-08 barrel to make a second build with or a 6.5 Creed.  Seeing BeltFeds ammo price Shock makes me hesitate for sure on those calibers for a second build.  May just have to reload for fun instead for a while.  Sincerely, The Dust that Will not Bust

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I just looked and saw a slamfire thread here, with someone using Federal 210m Primers, and people said it should not be a concern.  Champion Primers are 210s?  I will try those same tests that the other Slamfire Author did, to see if the primers leave a small dimple on a slamming bolt on a round in the chamber, for the heck of it.  I also have a heavy buffer and powerful spring.

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Ok, good to know. Thanks 98.  I will feel more confident now and lucky.  My brother gave me a case of those Federals and only 300 cci200s.  He had them sitting around for nearly 13 years and he never set up a station.

I will try to burn up those and save the precious cci for him if he ever decides to reclaim his stock.  

On another note.  I was witness to an old modified 2 position safety Mauser action misfire on a friends 30-06 When this person flipped the safety from the near vertical “Full” position to the fire position, it fired.  A shock to her.  Then I took the gun and pointed it safely at the target, loaded a round flipped the safety on.  Then without pulling the trigger, flipped safety off and Bam!  Someone may have filed some of the parts improperly.  I took it to a local guy and he fixed it up for me, putting a different safety lever on the right hand side instead, and installed a new Timney Trigger.  No matter what kind of gun, I learned to keep that sucker pointed always in safe direction for sure.  I will keep that in mind when using these possible “soft” primers, or any primer for that matter.



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