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Asking for Advice

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I'll try not to ramble.

I have a dpms .308 classic and a dpms .308 ap4. The classic has a midwest industries quadrail I added and a prs stock I added.

I put the ap4 together, it's pretty generic with a magpul acs stock. I was trying to make it as light as I could since I got the classic first and it weighs a ton. Weighed a ton before I added the prs and mi handguard.

About a month ago I got a scar 17. Now I have .308 rifles out the yingyang.

Scar 17 16"

Dpms classic 20"

Dpms ap4 16"

Keltec RFB

SA M1A 22"

I also have several ar15 5.56 rifles I like to shoot. I shoot them more obviously since the ammo costs less.

I don't think I'll sell the RFB  because it's kind of unique. or the M1A because I like the history of the weapon.

So we get to the crux of the matter.

Sell the DPMS classic


Sell the DPMS ap4


keep the classic and free float it and turn it into an m110 sort of weapon even though it has a front sight tower (which I never see through my scope)

Which leads us to the following options on the DPMS classic

Free float it and leave the front sight post


Remove the front sight post and grind it down and install a longer rail when I free float it

I have room for all of the rifles I have in my safes so that isn't a problem. I just have duplicity and there's no need for that when I'm going to grab the scar first out of the .308's because it's so light.

The thing keeping me from actively trying to sell something is that selling is a pain in the behind and I will probably lose a few bucks in the process also.

Thanks for your replies.

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I really like the DD 7.62 Lite Rail. And I wouldn't chop the gas block, I'd simply replace it with a low pro unit.

As for not selling the M1A, I'm a little conflicted. If your M1A was made in the last 5 or 6 years, I'd go ahead an sell it with no regrets. SAI's access to genuine M14 parts dried up as the M14 was brought out of mothballs for the GWOT. The commercial parts used in their stead are nowhere near the quality of the originals. That's one of the big reasons I got shed of mine. If your M1A was built in the '90's hold, squat. Don't sell it - chances are outside of the receiver and stock, it's all genuine M14.

And of the two DPMS' in question, I'd sell the AP4 before the Classic. There's just so much more you can do with the Classic.

Or, you might just wanna sell the lower to the AP4 to somebody wanting to do their own build. Not as much money involved, admittedly, but it'll provide you the funds for the FF rail. And when you feel like some 16" .308 AR fun, you'll have the upper to use.

Just my .02 worth.


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