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Slickside AR9 build

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Had a Colt slick side upper laying around and couldn’t find an A1 stock and a slick side bcg for love nor money so I decided I needed and AR9.


after researching magazine conversion inserts it looked like one that was definitely good cost about twice as much as one that may or may not work so I started there, and got a Stern Defense for Glock magazines. It has a last round bolt hold open. More about this later.

why Glock vs Colt magazines? Availability, reliability, and cost.


ended up with a Faxon bolt, the company explained the features of it better than most other ones I was looking at. The bolt hold open is very fragile and will slam forward with a slight slap anywhere on the carbine. I’m positive the bolt is to blame, but is it enough of a problem to get a different bolt? Dunno we shall see.. I did also get a buffer tube spacer to prevent the bolt from breaking the bolt holder opener.

Ar9’s are notoriously hard on hammer pins so got got a fancy trigger made for an ar9 by Rise Armament, I didn’t realize they also made a curved trigger which I would have preferred, but I’m happy with the flat trigger.

Rock River makes barrels with a fsb in different lengths so I went with a 16” with a mid length sight mount.

I got a gas deflector and dust cover, and the deflector is functional but not like the original.  I needed to order a colt front pin adapter and a front sling swivel, and the place I got it from happened to have the correct colt gas deflector so I got me one…


good enuff deflector..



the correct deflector and the über cool fancy upgraded trigger…



I went with the mid length location for the fsb, because longer sight radius is better, and if I decide to take off the useful light, I can put on a useless bayonet. 



I got a couple black scorpion pcc mag holders to use in 3 gun and a condor triple pouch. And if I get myself a Glock pistol I could use those mags in it if I need to.




most useful I got a sten mag pouch. I had to sew up the bottom so the mags wouldn’t sit too deep.


sighted in the short leaf at 50m, and with a hold over on that same peep had me on minute of man at 200m.

this was with some 130gr leftover reloads. I’ll figure out a regular load and sighting later  


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On 4/16/2023 at 4:26 PM, 98Z5V said:

I Double-Dog dare you to do it...   :lmao:


On 6/8/2023 at 11:50 PM, 98Z5V said:

Where you at on this one @AngelDeVille?  Been a month, brother, this thing should be a shooter by now...   :popcorn::lmao:


yeah I can’t bring myself to build an A2, I honestly tried… just couldn’t do it… 


instead 2 more A1’s…



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