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Sprinco SKU 6 57780 25762 1 batch to batch...


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So I've generally bought Sprinco Orange .308 heavy springs for the large frame builds when I'm not using Heavy Buffers dot com product.

I've got two of them with the same stock number listed above.
The DESCRIPTION on one is:
".308 Carbine DPMS Patter Extra Power Buffer Spring"
On the other the description is:
"M4 / CAR-15 Extra Extra Power Buffer Spring"
The length of the second spring is about 1/4" longer than the first one.
(I assume normal manufacturing variation over the course of a couple batches/lots.)

Color on the springs is close if not identical. At first I was concerned that the 'M4' spring was actually 'Red' but that's apparently only got one extra in the description and a different stock number.

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Here;s the direct description of the Orange spring, right off the website:



  Tactical Springs LLC .308 M4 CARBINE Extension Tube EXTRA POWER Moly-Plated Chrome Silicon Buffer Spring in Hard Tube (Color Coded ORANGE) [NOTE: Originally Developed for .308 CARBINE Platforms Utilizing Standard 7" Depth M4 Carbine Extension Tubes with Short Buffers. E.G. DPMS/Bushmaster, Etc., but are Often Appropriate for any Severely Over Gassed Carbine of Similar or Lesser Calibers]
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Here is Sprinco's store site, which is separate from the information, main website.  This is where they're pimping the Orange spring for severely overgassed AR15s, and they include an extractor spring with the Orange spring:


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So far, mine have worked.
I noticed the difference in labels digging through the parts box while looking for spares for a coworker who has been having issues getting his gun to run.

I dropped him one of the orange springs and a heavy buffer so he could check it out at the range tomorrow.

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Add a minor amount of red color blindness.
Dark orange powder coat on the spring marked M4 Extra Extra vs. orange orange on the .308 one depending on the light and the verbage change had me wondering a little if I had a RED AR-15 carbine spring.

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