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  1. I wound up going with the MGW Sight Pro. The Wheeler seems decent but the MGW with a shoe should be a bit less likely to have issues. The MGW without a shoe should be about the same as the Wheeler. So if you have a shoe it's a bonus and if you don't you shouldn't be any worse off. I got the Sight Pro on sale so it wasn't too bad but if you find the Wheeler on sale it can be downright inexpensive. I doubt I'll play 'collect them all' with the shoes since there's about 65 of them or so and at least a couple three are for guns I doubt I'll ever see in the wild much less need to knock sights off or on the gun. ^^^ THIS ^^^ along with my friends and family member's guns. Who knows I might retire to standing behind a bench in a gunshop doing armory type stuff.
  2. I was getting buzz off the boards when I looked into the cartridge that either of those would be a better pressure profile for the barrel than the Yeti. I've already got several big bores: .357 Mag 92 Rossi lever .44 Mag Winchester and Rossi levers .444 Marlin lever .45-70 Winchester and Marlin levers .50 Beowulf (12.7x42) ARs .300 Win Mag BAR. Not exactly a big bore BUT a big thumper. I don't really need a .35 or a .338 rifle. But they might be fun.
  3. If I recall what I've read correctly the CZ-97 and the EAA Witness large frame magazines were designed to be compatible between the two during the design and specification process in an agreement between the two companies. At least initially the CZ-97 mags came with a metal floor plate. The CZ-97 mags were produced by Mec-Gar and were only available through CZ at least initially. The CZ packaging and maybe the mags were clearly marked Mec-Gar. The EAA mags I've seen and the more recent CZ mags have a plastic floorplate. Taurus 92 mags and Beretta 92 mags won't usually exchange as built but the magazine catch notches can be altered to work. Sig P238 mags and Springfield 911 .380 Auto mags are interchangeable.
  4. Good thing I wasn't watching this in early 2019. I've been semi resistant to the caliber of the month club. For years I was a .30-06 Springfield, .30-30 Winchester, 12g, .45 ACP and .22LR guy. Somehow over the years I've wound up with firearms in another 20 cartridge calibers. So far, I've avoided .450 Bushmaster, 6.8 SPC, 458 SOCOM, .350 Legend, 7mm Rem, ALL the Winchester Short Magnums, ALL the Remington Ultra Magnums, .338 Federal, ALL the Weatherby Magnums, .45-70 AUTO, .500 S&W. This would have been tempting but after some research I think I'm resistant. Did any of you guys finish one of these?
  5. I own two. The first one was a Springfield Loaded (Reloaded) with the SS medium barrel and issued without the bayonet lug. It wears a Faijen black on black stock with a Sadlak steel airborn optic mount. The optic is a Nitrex by Weaver 3-15 I think on Burris rings. The second was a very lightly used standard Springfield with a composite stock. It came with the CA legal comp on it. I had a spare walnut one or two and swapped the composite one off the rifle for one of the Walnut ones. Still have the composite. Both of them are much better with 165 grain or 175 grain ammo than mil-spec ball at 145-147 grains.
  6. Aero's mount is super light. It can be a bit of a pain to get adjusted as the clamshell sort of single side fastener around the scope tube lends itself to the scope rotating slightly as the mount is tightened up around the tube. The fiddle factor can be annoying. I don't think they use helicoils for the fastener threads in the mount and I'm not a fan of direct threading into aluminum. I have one or two of them. For a cheap set and forget mount that you are not going to expect to abuse or change the optic out they can work. If you expect it to survive dropping the firearm on it by accident or you plan on switching the optic a few times I'd upgrade. American Defense mounts are pretty solid. Several of them were mil qualified and have NSN numbers. I haven't kept up with them the past few years however. I have a tendency to drop back on Warne QD rings as a balance between weight and cost. I've got them in different heights on everything from Savage bolt guns to small and large frame ARs. They aren't the lightest solution but so far no issues with them and they usually run between $65 and $108 depending on the tube size, ring height and how many folks are mass mounting scopes. On a bolt gun I tend to pair them with a one piece rail from precision reflex or EGW. I picked up one of the new Midwest mounts at the end of last year that I'm looking to use for my next .308 AR build. I haven't lined up the optic yet. The LaRue mount keeps tempting me but I haven't bit on it yet.
  7. It's a Gen 3, all us peon civilians are allowed in CA, at least for now.
  8. Glock accessory, expansion and upgrade parts...
  9. Nerding out... It isn't a striker fired pistol. It's an internal hammer fired pistol. It has a traditional firing pin rather than a spring loaded striker. I love .22 LRs and .22 LR semi handguns in particular. My first MKII looks just like the above in blued steel. It was a 6&7/8ths bull barreled MKII Government Target model with the air gauged barrel. Mine wears a set of Pachmayer grips without the backstrap panel. It was my second pistol and I purchased it at a shop on Buford Hwy in the Atlanta area and had to go to a branch of the store in Tucker to pick it up. Like yours mine has seen countless bricks of ammo. Sportsman's Authority used to sell Remington Vipers cheaper than cheap by the brick. I'd buy a box of 45 ACP for the 1911 Army (my first pistol) and a brick of .22 LR for the MKII Govt. My second MKII was a standard a couple decades later and my third MKII not long after the standard was a Target with the tapered 6&7/8" barrel. The standard is maybe a little picky but both of the Target guns are exceedingly reliable and not at all ammo sensitive. I always wanted one of the stainless slab sided models and I had two friends with them but I haven't been able to acquire one.
  10. I have a friend who bought one in the black cerakote. He seems to like it although I have not shot it and have not been out to the range while he's had the gun with him. His wife did comment 'cowboy guns were SLOW'. I have two single six revolvers. 1 'blued' bought used and it came with the .22 WMR cylinder only. 1 SS purchased new right before the lockdown with both cylinders. I'm pretty sure either would beat that target. I also have a 6" Stoger SS Luger. It is a safe queen as it's never been very reliable. I had a 'smith' look it over and attempt to make it reliable. As near as I can tell he mostly bent the mag feed lips and dremeled the internals to round off most of the edges and without making it any more reliable.
  11. I'd like to have one of the Springfields. I've got a MKIII Practical BHP with Spegel cocobolo grips and a MKII that was chromed by someone and later gifted to me. I rebuilt the action with a cylinder and slide hammer and sear kit, a MKIII ambi safety, a complete Wolff spring kit, Ahrends grips and a Pachmyer slide stop. As I received the gun it had an aftermarket chrome safety and slide stop, a set of rubber scales and if you pulled the trigger while the safety was on and then took the safety off the hammer would fall to half cock. The mag safety was not present when I received it and I have not replaced it.
  12. Any suggestions or preferences for aftermarket Glock barrels? Yeah, I know but I've got a reason, or three...
  13. 6.5 Grendel ammo was still $35+ per box of Hornady Black last time I found a couple boxes. They only had two. I did pick them up. I owed a friend: I gave him a barrel and upper in the caliber.
  14. My PA-10 Palmetto pivot and takedown pins were the same diameter and interchangeable with those from DPMS, Matrix and Aero Precision, although the lengths did vary a little. The ends of the PA pins were flush with the receiver instead of sticking out past the receiver a little. That made the PA a bit of a pain to disassemble as it was harder to get them started. Aero uses a extra long mag catch button. IF I recall correctly that button wasn't compatible with one of the other receivers I built. I use that button on most of my .308s. I don't recall if it was the PA-10 or the Mega MATEN that the button didn't work with...
  15. I moved to CA a year or two before they passed the Kali-ban and the mag limitations. CA is the definition of incrementalism or moving the goal posts or death of a thousand cuts or creeping communism or whatever else you want to call it. When the mag ban was passed there was a period before it went into effect. The Fed importation and manufacture ban was already in place but just like when that was voted in everyone bought everything they could get their hands on before it went into effect. You were supposed to be grandfathered. Most folks who couldn't find or afford the guns they wanted just bought the mags. THEN CA decided that unless you owned the gun with the mags as a pre-ban package you weren't allowed to put the high cap mag in the post ban firearm. Apparently this applied to handguns and not non-assault weapon longarms for at least a while. THEN they decided grandfathered or not your property was contraban and subject to seizure by the authorities. They've spent just about 25 years fighting to kill the 2nd amendment in California and when they are told they screwed up there's no consequence so they literally pass the same exact unconstitutional crap over and over and judge shop for the illiterate or dishonest fellow travelers on the bench to confirm their wish lists.
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