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Range report

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Well, I finally got this monster out for a test drive.  What a blast, I love it.  I went out with my buddy who also has an LR-308 (2 identical ones, actually, one never fired).

I started out at 100 yards, just to get a zero.  First shot was high and right, but on paper.  <thumbsup>  I made a few adjustments and worked it down to a pretty solid zero.  I stuck some 5.5" shoot-n-see's on the paper target and was grouping pretty well so I moved over to the 200 yard range.  My buddy went to 300 yards when I went to 200, he's a really good shot - he had a 3-shot group of HSM ammo inside 2".

I was shooting off the bi-pod, no rear bag, so my 200 yards groups used almost all of the 5.5" stick-on targets, and I had some strays too.  Next time I go out to 200 I will use 2 bags and go for some tight groups.  Then I'll shoot 300 yards and qualify for the long ranges.  All you need is a five-shot group inside the 10-ring on a 300-yard target, I think it's 6".

So, for review...

Man, the trigger is not great.  It's exactly as I expected, but felt real dry and crumbly, and is probably 5+ lbs.  It is what should be on an AR-10 but I really think with a Gisselle or Timney the rifle would perform way better.

Both my factory mags and P-Mags functioned perfectly, no feed issues.

I put 80 rounds through it, ran the bore snake through it 3 times, then put another 62 rounds through it.  (my shoulder is going to feel that on Monday!)

The scope is awesome, just like I was told it would be.  Even when the sun came out full force and the mirage got bad I still had a clear picture.  It's a very nice piece of glass for $250.

Suffice it to say, this is a keeper and I can't wait to get it out again.  Attached is a pic of 2 of my 200-yard sets.



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I forgot to mention ammo!!    :-[

I had 4 boxes of American Eagle 150gr soft points that I bought from a friend for $10/box.  I ran through those 80 rounds at 100 yards.  Then I went trough 3 boxes of PRVI Partizan 168gr, mostly at 200 yards.

Once I saw what my buddy was grouping at 300 yards with his HSM stuff, I think I'm going to get some of that!

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The HSM ammo is definitely good stuff, and it's not overpriced, especially for what you're getting.  Muy Bueno.  Is it still only sold through Sniper's Hide forum, or has it branched out other places yet?  Either way, it's good stuff.  <thumbsup>

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Very cool info - I always stop and hit up the Cabela's in Wheeling, WV when I'm driving between here and Ohio.  I'll snoop around there next time through.  They're also just about the only retailer that stocks Black Hills Mk 262, but you gotta get lucky to find that stuff on the shelves...  :o

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If by HSM your refering to Hunting Shack Munitions it is avaliable everywhere here.  But that may be because it is manufactured locally, or semi locally. About 90 miles away in Stevensville Montana. Here in Montana 90 miles is considered pretty local lol. But it is very good ammo. And pretty affordable also for what you are getting.

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If by HSM your refering to Hunting Shack Munitions...

That is the stuff.  Previous mistake on my part - I mentioned it was available from Sniper's Hide forum - INCORRECT.  It was available from Sniper Central forum...  Online-wise, it was only available for a long time, from them.  I'm damn glad to see it in many other online places now, but for people that might have a hard time finding it, check here:


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