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LR-308 Build "Long Range" #1

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I had this project streatched out in 2011 and finally finished it. I enjoyed putting the time in it so much I'm on my second build for 2012. This time I'm using a 16" , making a CQB platform.smiley_abused.gif

Upper / Lower:

- DPMS LR-308 Lower

- DPMS LR-308 A3 Flat-Top Upper


- Bison Armory 20" SS

- JP .308 Titan Muzzle Break

- JP Low Profile Gas Block


- Leupold Mark 4 4.5 - 14x50mm LR/T M1

- Larue SPR 1.5 scope mount


- Geissele Trigger DMR

Furniture / Etc::

- TROY TRX-308 Battlerail 13.8"

- Chrome BCG

-  Vltor ModPod

- Magpul UBR Stock w/ CAR-10 XH Buffer & Spring

- BCMGUNFIGHTER Charging Handle w/ Mod 3

- ERGO Sure Grip Tactical

- Promag 20LR Mag





Couldn't resist doing my first white inlay job either...

[img width=810 height=607]http://i614.photobucket.com/albums/tt228/mkgarms/DPMS%20308/photobucket-7171-1329601448900.jpg





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I wish I could say  <dontknow>. I work so much 6 - 7 days a week when I'm off I have the family on top priority. I should have a range report coming soon meanwhile I'll just stay buy more parts for other projects.


Awesome. Curious, how you did the white inlay?

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Crossposted from one I made on another site, but the results turned out well, so I'll share -

I like the colored in markings on many firearms - and decided to try the technique.  I took a toothpick and regular Testors model paint and filled in the lettering -


Halfway done here


Fully colored in - you want to make sure you use a light touch, and use enough paint to allow it to flow into the corners of the lettering. 

It's important to have enough paint to fill the letters - you will get some outside the lines, but that's OK.  Now let it dry/cure overnight.


The secret weapon - one of the 'magic eraser' type mildly abrasive sponges, designed to be worked wet.


I used scissors to cut an approximately finger sized piece to work with, ran it under the faucet, and used a polishing type motion to begin removing the excess paint.


Halfway done - the caliber lettering is looking good.


And the finished product.  Although I see one spot I need to touch up.

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