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Chronoed some 175gr PPU ammo


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I ran some PPU 175gr match ammo across the my chronograph this past weekend to get a grasp on how this thing works since I never used one before and wanted to try it before I run my reloads across it. I ran two strings of 5 shots each and here is the results.

16" DPMS Oracle

1. 2398 (cold bore with oil still in the bore forgot to wipe it out)

2. 2352

3. 2326  ES 72

4. 2349  SD26

5. 2352

avg 2355

2nd string

1. 2408

2. 2375  ES33

3. 2375  SD13

4. 2375

5. 2375

avg 2381

I'm highly suspicious of the 2nd string but each shot was recorded and being new to chroneis don't know if I should believe it or not. <dontknow>

Got the BC for this bullet and went to Hornady's web site and did a drop chart haven't had time to test it out though.

Did an avg velocity of 2385 and here are the results.

muzzle -2.5

50yrd's -0.4

100        0

200      -4.6

300      -17.4

400      -39.8

500      -73.4

Thought this might help some of us 16" barrel owners.

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Yep its definitely affordable I ended up picking up a case for $300.00 at a gun show a couple of months ago it groups about 2moa and I believe it temp sensitive the groups seem to get tighter as temp went up 1.5moa at 90* vs. 2moa at 60*. After I'm done with my load development for my 168gr Amax I'm going to try messing with the seating depth to see if I can get some more consistency out this ammo. This batch of ammo I got seems to be on the short side 2.78-2.789 so I decided to decrease seating depth from 2.790-2.820 in .005 increments.

If you reload save the brass it seems to be pretty good for reloading. Have fun it good plinking ammo.

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Just an update I can confirm that the PPU ammo is temp. sensitive I'm doing load work up for a 168gr bullet and use the PPU ammo for fouling shots. I had my chronograph with me at the range yesterday and ran 5 shots of the 175gr match across it and this is the results.

temp: 85*

PPU 175gr match

1. 2434  es. 44

2. 2433  sd. 19

3. 2400

4. 2444

5. no read

On a plus note the groups seem to tightening up with the temp. increase.

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