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My AR-10A 16" carbine (love using my Magpul LR20s!)

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Here is my new AR-10A (A10A4CBF). I just can't seem to stay away from .308 ARs. This is replacing a 16" DSA STG-58 carbine –– I just can't seem to get comfortable shooting FALs.


As pictured, weighs a shade under 10lbs empty and about 11.5lbs loaded with 20 rounds. It's a bit under 9lbs with just the irons.

Particulars include a Magpul STR stock, LaRue 9.0 handguard, KAC handstop, Troy M4-style gas block flip front sight, Vltor VC302 flash hider. The little box behind the M4S is a twist mount for the Aimpoint 3x magnifier. I also staked the receiver extension castle nut.

After a brief 56-round zeroing session shooting FN 7.62 surplus (vintage 1982):

(1) The Troy gas block mounted sight works fine as a backup front sight if you "lollipop" the target. Since this is how I shoot all my irons anyway, I'm happy. It was no problem to ding a 4" plate at 75 yards off a bipod.

(2) Althought I did not shoot for ultimate accuracy today, the rifle seems to be about 2MOA using the FN surplus stuff and the M4S RDS. On a subsequent range session I will see what the rifle can do with Hornady 168gr Amax factory ammo and a Nightforce 2.5-10x32.

(3) No problems to report, although with only 56 rounds fired that is probably not all that great a data point. The rifle uses a "H3" marked buffer; I may try a Slash-type heavy buffer.

If the rifle is a 1MOA shooter I'll keep the LaRue freefloat handguard on there. Otherwise, I'm seriously contemplating a Magpul MOE midlength handguard to simplify things.

Overall, I am quite happy with my AR10A.

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