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So, If I'm understanding you correctly now, You were asking about suppressors to fit the Vortec FH, not looking for the FH. I'm not in a state that allows suppressors, so I'm not that knowledgable, but for the most part, I get the impression that the suppressor mfgs design their mounts to fit their cans not the other way around. Every mfg that I'm aware of has their own proprietary FH/mount, that includes Surefire, AAC, YHM, and Gemtech. Even the Gemtech Vortex type FH/guick mount has a different mounting design than the Smith vortex FH mount, even though they both have the exact same FH design.

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Agreed, I'm hoping to retire down south so that I can build some SBRs and enjoy shooting without ear pro. I have started to consider suppressor mounting on all of my guns, and since they're pretty pricey, I'm figuring on one or two .30 cal suppressors that I'll switch from gun to gun. I'm hoping to get down to try out a few before settling on one. I noticed that only some of the Mfgs list the sound reduction capabilities of their suppressors.

I found this to be of interest, if you haven't already seen it perhaps you will also.


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