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My AR10 build ... long term

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Well I have built a few AR15 platforms and wanted a .308. Was thinking about a bolt rifle but not many places here to put it out beyond 250yards here in Southern Ca. So I started a few months ago on this build. Since that time I have found Pala Range out to 800yards (go figure).

So far

Noveske 21" SS barrel 7.62 rifle length gas. 1st purchase which dictated my U/L.

JD Machine tech Armalite upper and lower. They do both DPMS and Armalite.

H3 buffer and carbine spring/UBR stock, I will see how this works, I may have to get the Slash buffer.

Armalite LPK

As of now that is it, I am looking for parts and have found a few places that have things from this site which really helps. I need to snag a BCG in the near future and hand guard. I found some SWS handguards that I may go with or I may use LaRue. DD is way back ordered. I may also go Armalite SASS, not sure yet.

I am also thinking about the muzzle break to use. OPS inc or Smith Enterprise seem to be leading at this time.

Oh well any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks fcr, oh and thanks to spell cheque....

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Here is mine, which is built using all DPMS compatible parts, mainly went that route for more parts availability and compatibility...


I would suggest get getting the Magpul PRS stock, I find it very useful with the LOP and cheek adjustments.

For handguards, if your upper is threaded for Armalite threads, I would go with the LaRue...I wanted it for mine, but it wasn't DPMS compatible...

For the BCG, I would keep an eye out on RainierArms.com since they have alot more parts for Armalite...

Can't offer an opinion as far as muzzle brakes go, my barrel is threaded, but until I get my suppressor, its just going to have a thread protector on it...

Hope I was able to help some....good luck!  <thumbsup>

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Just ordered my BCG from Armalite, 30 day wait, we will see. I got my Ops Inc muzzle break from ADCO. Since have found similar from various sites, one was Jet Suppressors . It is a double chamber though. As for handguards I am still trying to decide, I have found some DD lite out there. I am leaning to SWS, almost ordered it 2 days ago then I hesitated. I may go with their 15" vs the 12". The 12 is actually 12.75", I Am trying to decide if covering the gas block all the way is that important. The gun will be babied.

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I haven't been here in awhile, nothing new to report until now. JD is finally getting my upper done, they are at the anodise, so I will get it next week. I also have all my other parts on the way, except for bi-pod/mount. Just sticking with a Harris, LaRue version. Handguard is an SWS rifle length. It should be here in a few days , I ordered it  yesterday. I have my LaRue LT-158 scope mount  on the way also. It should be together in about 2 weeks or so. I will post up a pic or two when I finish.

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SWS rail came in, opted for the rifle length. Comes with the wrench, barrel nut and Harris adapter built in. Very nice piece of machining. Now I just have to finish moving this weekend and it will be together. I think I might rattle can the barrel, still not sure. I will post some pics when I am finished next week.

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Finito, optics will change but am using an SS variable for now, LaRue LT-158 mount, 21" Noveske SS 7.62 rattle canned, SWS 12"rail with Harris mount integrated, Harris 6-9" notched legs, JD U/L Armalite pattern, Troy BUIS, Armalite BCG, BCM GunFighter med latch CH, OPS inc 12th Muzzle brake, Slash's spring and heavy buffer, Armalite LPK, Ergo grip, Magpul UBR. Sorry about the phone pic.


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I have been a bit busy, just moved. Moving 30 years of s**t takes awhile. I finalized the move last week and got a vise block from Ed Roberts also. His blocks/tools are really nice. Here is his link  http://www.edsmetalshop.com/EdsMetalShop/Welcome.html

It allowed me to finish the build. I plan on taking some better pics. I will post them when I do.

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