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Not Impressed


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For close to $3k...not at all.


My friend that got the Hogan .308 and I have been to the range twice this week chasing issues with it.


The first session saw every shot as a FTE or FTFeed.  Two different types of ammo, both were sticking in the chamber with the rims bent and bent hard.  


So today we met again.  I forgot my tool kit (eye doc appt for the girl on the way) but had wanted it, because we couldn't get the takedown pin to budge last time.


Not this time either.  Got a punch from the RSO.  Hit the TD pin hard.  Wouldn't budge.  Knocked it really fcuken hard and it started moving.  The buffer and spring looked small compared to my RRA Carbine but we lubed it up.  Per Hogan's instructions placed a minimal amount on the carrier area.


P-P-P-POUND the damn takedown pin back in place (which moved quite freely with the upper pivoted forward), even though the holes looked to be on-center.  They must be significantly undersized on the upper's lug.


Tried three rounds of the DAG surplus.  They fed and fired.  Tried 5 more and the FTEs started again but with no damage on the rim.


Tried the other brand of .308 (don't remember the brand name, gold and white box, made in Brazil).  Not only FTE/FTFeed, but ripped a piece of the case head off of one case.


He got it at Sportsman's, who will send it back to Hogan free of charge.


Crazy.  I'll keep you updated.







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He bought it on lottery when his name was drawn out of a hat.  Hundreds of names in, they draw as many names as rifles get received per shipment.


His choice was the Hogan or to wait.  I'd only heard good things, as he had too.


I'm wondering if they cranked rifles out to keep up with demand, to worry about it later.


Borrowed his owner's "manual", which is  a CD-ROM...and won't play on my computer.



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