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For building a 308AR that is.


When I was young THE poop was chrome, done properly, onto a proven chromoly alloy.  Sadly there was a lot that was not done properly, giving the whole process some bad juju.  


This was also around the time stainless steel alloys started getting perfected for firearms use.  While early SS had a tendency to gall (you still hear this complaint from old timers and the "Everybody Knows" crowd), the newer stainless catagories are a force to be reckoned with for barrels.  Done right, stainless is good for small parts too.


Nickel Boron (NiB) seems to be the pinnacle thusfar for nickel plating.  Nickel plating suffered much the same fate as chrome, great if it was done properly but lots wasn't.  The electroless nickel fad of the 1990s was promising, even if the color was a bit odd.  But this NiB stuff looks close to stainless steel on the surface and the claims of longevity are fantastic.


So now, back to the question at hand.


We have a choice of parts identical in every way but materials.  Our choices are steel, chrome plated steel, stainless steel, or NiB plated.


We need a barrel, a bolt-carrier, bolt, lower receiver guts.


All are free to you but you may only choose one of each.


What do you choose and why?



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