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  1. Was good talking to you to sir! If you need anymore info let me know. July 27th is the wounded warrior shoot. But the range is hot all the time. Lol yeah yeah I’m a Mil/Mil guy and I the guys I shoot with areas well. Keeos communicating simple especially when calling coyotes and you get 3+ dogs coming in. It’s all relative though. Trigger time is the most important
  2. Have to talk to Chief. We where going out there to build a new Engine for the Firedepartment at the Pierce plant,but since they run about 600K. We may be putting that on hold. There is some other fire training over there though we would like to go to.
  3. Thanks for all the kind words men.
  4. Well I have been MIA for awhile thought I’d check in. I had been going over some of the posts forgot how much I missed this place. Life has has been a roller coaster the past year or so. My dad was diagnosed a year ago with incurable cancer of the stomach and throat. He does a chemo treatment every week and half. To try and slow the cancer down. So far it has gonna fairly smooth, but has left a huge hole in the ranch work which I’ve had to take on. Though the diagnosis was not good we are still ridin tall. We have crazy weather up here in the “Middle of Nowhere” Last summer we had a record drought and I was more of a full time firefighter then a Rancher. This spring the Milk River flooded out of its bank and wiped out most of our hay base. Going to be a rebuilding year for sure. Still doing work with optics we are in the middle of our 2018 optics test. This test once was affiliated with Outdoor Life but now is a private test that Andrew McKean does and I help out with. Had the pleasure of going to SHOT show for a week this year. I ran Outdoor Life’s Instagram account for the week down there. I’ll tell you this the only way you’ll every get me to walk 15 miles a day is put me in a convention center filled with firearms. Not much on the gun side. Running mostly bolt guns these days. Running lot of long range stuff. I have a personal range that goes out to 1025 meters at the moment have two more spots picked out that gets me all the way out to 1800 meters. My good friend Pat and I have been putting long range shoots for wounded vets which has been a lot of fun and very rewarding. We are under the Montana Warriors on the Water. Our shoot will be July 27 this year Well that’s a small bit of what I have been doing. I spend a little more time on Instagram under jcwesen if any of you guys do the gram. I still haven’t broke down and got the book yet and I don’t see myself doing it either. Hope every one is doing well and rolling smooth. JW PS thanks DNP for reaching out and getting me back on here. I’ll try to stay a little more active.
  5. MONTANA308


    Will do brother. they have been over running us this year. Our gov trapper shot 800 coyotes in 2015 and you can't tell that he's even been out. They are becoming very wise to calling anymore so many people doing it. Our deer population has gone way down do to disseas and one horrible winter so everyone who never called before just bought a fox pro and educated them. I get most mine powerstroking them down in a wheat field with my F350. ??
  6. MONTANA308


    Thank guys. Yup PRI ??????
  7. MONTANA308


    Put this big male down with my SI Defense shorty with a holosun RedDot and an EliteIron CQC Elite suppressor. He was coming off the calving grounds early this morning Bottom pic is my SI Defense 308 the suppressor is an Elite Iron STFU. took this young female at about 300 meters a few weeks ago.
  8. Have three McGowen AR barrels as well and all are great shooters. Big fan!!!
  9. Thanks guys!!! It was a hell of a time.
  10. Was just on my way to do Christmas shopping last month in a town 2.5hrs away. When a big rig passed me and was doing like 80. So I set up behind him and set the cruise at 75. The guy is all over the road and and is making me nervous so I back off. Not 45 minutes later he runs right in the a bridge (I'm still behind him) and ends up upside down in the bottom of a creek with the trailer sitting on top of the tractor. Craziest poop I've ever saw! We pulled him and he walked away with out a scratch on him.
  11. Thank you! That cat was like 80lbs but the kicker on him was the double K9s on both side. The guy who took us has been running cats for 30 years and never seen it. Was a lot of fun can wait to turn out again.
  12. Headed out Jan 1 for my annual predator hunt to western Montana wth a buddy of mine. Both of us being lion virgens. I was fortunate enough to have a family friend with hounds and 30 years of running cats. Not sure why I waited this long to do this. I'm a flat lander through and through. The Moutains kicked my ass! This hunt was the most exhausting and fulfilling hunt I have ever been on. We drove roads for three days and had guys on sleds trying to cut a track. No dice. We couldn't buy a cat track. On the fourth day things got better. We cut a pretty good sized cat track headed up the Mountain. We turn out the dogs! As I stand there in amazement how the dogs seem to effortlessly climb straight up a mountain side. I started thinking poop that's where I gotta go. We soon lost sight then sound of the dogs. Time to mount up on sleds and head to the top. At the top we locate the dog OJ and he has something treed. Can hear him baying way down in a deep cut. So we head off into the trees. About 40 minute walk down the side of a mountain we come up on OJ. With a young tom treed. Pics below. It was not big enough for me so I let my buddy shoot. He botched the shot and wounded the cat and we had to track it to the base of the Mountain. Where it treed again and we where able to get the cat. Well I'm beyond exhausted at this point but we got one cat down. We are one dog short yet so it's back to the top for me. We locate Tibby the other dog and off the face we fall. Now before I get warmed up from sled ride up the mountain my quads are in knots. Gotta get that dog so sucked it up and walk on. This was the worst nastiest steepest terrain I have ever been on. Best I can describe is a super steep Avalanche shoot covered with boulders, jagged rocks,trees,and loose rock. It is kicking my ass! Well we make it to Tibby. Tibby is there baying and my heart starts pumping I forgot how tired I was for a brief second. Till we look up and it's an empty tree. Well we pick are way for about an hour through the cliffs and rocks to the bottom. I may have ended up with an empty tree but my heart was full. Was the hardest craziest hunt I had been on and I lived through it to run the dogs again. I am not done. I'm addicted and next year if I don't make it back this year to turn out I will be ready. Thanks for reading. I know my English and punctuation are pretty bad so bare with me and feel free to give me poop! Montana308 out
  13. Pretty sure that is how you hunt antelope. lol V8 sneaks. Congrats
  14. It's by far the best we've found I don't know how many thousand rounds have been put through that mat.
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