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First of all i forgot about this and jus caught the whole on cnbc just now...actually wanted to come here and post how pissed i was that they picked and plucked parts out of youtube videos to make gun enthusiast looks like assholes...but neways my real point was at the very end they go on to say someone will put the ar-15 back in the news insinuating someone is going to perform another mass shooting by showing shots of sandyhook and the front of the movie theater....WTF is wrong with them??? The. Proceed to say a weapon originally designed fpr the fields of war...yes maybe the external look if it jackasses...i swear i hate MSM more n more every day

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I look at it like this:


Every capable hunting rifle has its roots in a war rifle.


But the Second Amendment isn't about hunting...it's about war, which is why we need the latest whizbang personally portable technology out there.


The ban isn't about kids getting killed in a highschool or elementary school, or people in a movie theater.


A ban is about politicians and elites seeing an armed populace as an external conscious to the evils they wish to commit unchecked.



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