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  1. amazon also has hornady in stock now
  2. another great run of pics. sorry that not as good as the last ones http://www.guns.com/2013/05/17/the-ultimate-2nd-amendment-bumper-stickers-33-photos/
  3. heres one for all you guys that like girls and guns. too many too put here. so heres the link. carefull if you have a heart condition http://www.guns.com/2013/05/11/nsfw-panty-holsters-34-photos/
  4. love my maten, mega does good work. I wonder whos making these barrels?
  5. im from hellinois but I like going to mcmillen sports center up near you. a great range
  6. I don't want to nit pic, but the scope mount is on backwards. but if its not causing any problems it shouldn't hurt anything
  7. I know its hard to find right now, but try to find some federal gold medal match. it seems to be the ammo by which all others are judged. and see if it shoots the same as your hand loads. and looking up mullers website it looks like your scope is 1/8 inch not moa which would make 98s math correct
  8. racerken70


    cabelas.com has some powder instock, including vargent. also saw sierra game kings in stock. hope this helps some of you guys.
  9. I have to ask my wife if she will help to polish my balls
  10. it sounds like the first batch with new brass worked good and after that you started to have problems, are you using small base dies to size your brass? gas guns are a little pickier about brass size than a bolt gun is. I don't think going from 42.8 to 43 is going to make a major difference
  11. tried the rail at the 1 oclock and found that it sits to low to the hand guard and cant get a good sight pic. will probly go with just a separate 45 mount off the top rail
  12. I know im a little sic in the head, but I love watching the taser clips on all the cop and jail shows I laugh my ass off.
  13. racerken70


    only tools I used were allen wrenches, a strap wrench, a torque wrench, and a barrel nut wrench.
  14. this is the catalog for a huge auction of class III weapons. all I can say is wow that guy had to much time and money. I probly couldn't even afford one. http://issuu.com/cowans/docs/cowans-classiii-richard-wray?mode=window
  15. welcome from an Illinois member. depending on where your at you might want to check out this place http://www.mcmillershootingcenter.com/ nice place, but crowded on weekends.
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