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  1. Not if your just gonna take it to the range and punch paper. If your going to use your rifle for everything under the sun drop the extra $40.
  2. Looks like it had a different gas block put on it as well, nice find.
  3. As I've stated more than once on this forum, I've owned and know two other people who currently own AP4's and every gun will shoot under 1'' @ 100 yds w/3 shots. They all came with the standard AR trigger and were 100% reliable and deadly on deer up to 400 yds with 150 grain soft points.
  4. If all you're going to do is prone out and shoot targets, trade it. If you want more of a shooting/hunting/self defense rifle, keep the AP4. I owned an AP4 and foolishly sold it and bought a 18'' .308B which is a bit heavy for hunting/sd purposes but great for shooting. I recently purchased a .308T and I'm extremely happy with it. I was blowing up 1/2 gal. milk jugs at will with my .308T last weekend at 335 yds. A friend and I are going to shoot 1 gal. jugs @ 4-500 yds this weekend, if I remember I'll post how it goes. Sorry, I tend to ramble on at times.
  5. I found this load will consistently shoot under an inch in my DPMS .308B: Nosler 125 grain green ballistic tip, 47.1 grains of Varget, OAL 2.77-2.80. AVG mv from 18'' barrel 2,775. I think Nosler's web site say's 50C charge is the max, but I've no desire to shoot compressed loads. I'm gonna crank up the powder to 48.0 and see how it shoots out of my new DPMS .308T 16'' in a few weeks. This load shoots just under and inch with the Hornady 168 bthp bullet: 44.5 gr Varget, OAL 2.78-2.80. AVG mv 2,625. I use to crimp my loads but I've found it decreased my accuracy. One load crimping didn't effect was the 130 gr Barnes TSX. I liked the accuracy and velocity of the Barnes but wasn't impressed with the expansion at 300 yds, even with a MV of 3,000 fps. I'll stick with the cheaper,sure expanding, just as accurate Nosler lead core bullets. Use these loads at you're own risk, I assume no responsibility if you are hurt or killed.
  6. "What can you expect for accuracy?" Whoops, almost forgot to address this question. In my experiences shooting and watching DPMS .308's being shot I'm not afraid to tell you 1'' or less 3 shot group with ammo your rifle likes. I would also suggest using Federal pwr shk 150 until you find something that will out-shoot it in your rifle. Good luck and happy hunting!
  7. If you're not concerned with barrel length you could get an AP4. I hunted with one for years and have two friends who use them for hunting, I now own the .308B. I have seen the AP4 kill two whitetail bucks at 400 & 426 yds with Federal power shock 150 grain. I killed a few whitetail bucks with my AP4, shortest was 80 yds longest was 225, all deer died where they were shot. yesterday we chronographed the Federal pwr shk 150 out of an AP4 16''(2600 fps 3 sht avg) and my 308B 18''(2655 3 sht avg). My Hornady SST 150 reloads averaged about 5 fps more. I would say buy whichever one you like the best, I'd be willing to bet you won't be disappointed when you take it hunting.
  8. My .308b is #12.8, thats with scope, bipod & 10 rnd mag loaded up. I don't have much of problem shooting offhand but shaving off another pound or two wouldn't hurt my feelings any.
  9. Lee quick change bushings and magpul 7.62 mags from Midway. Told me they'd be shipped last week but I haven't got an email from them yet.
  10. I think they are going to keep getting more popular. One reason is because the .308 AR is a great large game hunting rifle for people who love their .223 AR. Not that you can't kill larger game with a .223 but your kill range is not even close to a .308. If any gun shop here in western ND has .308's in stock they don't last long, especially if they're not just a plain jane AP4 or .308B. I have many friends who bought .308's in the last two years and right now I have two others that are going to buy one within the next month. Also, it kicks ass to have an AR with .30 cal power, IMHO.
  11. My buddy and I put the Blackhawk! collapsable free float stocks on our Rugers and they work awesome. The after market Promag 25 rounders go in a little tight but other than that no complaints.
  12. When my wife teaches me how to upload pics I'm on it. Until then I'll enjoy looking @ everyone else's pics.
  13. I don't think the stock would make a big difference in balance, the barrel contour would. If the RRA feels better and you have no company preference, buy it. I don't know anyone who owns an RRA .308 but I've read some magazine articles that give them excellent accuracy reports with the right ammo, no different than any other rifle. The only negative I can think of would be the selection of the mags, it's their way or the highway. For what it's worth, I own a RRA .223 Coyote rifle and it's the most accurate rifle I've ever owned. It loves HSM 50 gr Vmax(ultra accurate) and Hornady 55 gr sft points. I'm damn near wetting my pants right now in anticipation of shooting Pdogs this spring.
  14. I own the .308B 18'' and I've shot clay pigeons @ 400 yds a few times now and it doesn't miss unless It's my fault. I'm not a group shooter most of the time so I usually shoot clays (deer heart size) but @ 100 yds it's sub MOA. I probably wouldn't take a shot past 500 yds @ a deer with it because the 18'' barrel doesn't have enough energy for a clean kill past that range IMHO. I do know a guy who owns the 24'' and he says it'll shoot MOA out to 800 yds with Amax bullets.
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