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  1. I sold my Suzuki SV1000S last summer; I don't miss it yet because its still 20 degrees outside, but I'm sure my throttle hand will get itchy this spring.
  2. ROFL, especially 12, 15, 20, 22, and 29. :banana:
  3. I'm currently finishing up college in Minneapolis; soon moving to South Dakota. I'm looking forward to the slower pace, open space, and nicer people. (Watch an episode of Corner Gas on YouTube and you'll see what I mean) :D
  4. Never been shot!?!? They cycle smoother and faster then an 870 or a 590...I think the 1300 is the best of its class. Hang on to it forever ;D
  5. My vote goes to the Geissele Match trigger - 2 pound 1st stage, 1 pound second stage - simply fantastic! There is a VERY in-depth article about it in a DPMS LR in the December issue of Precision Shooter Magazine.
  6. Well, here's the report. I went to home depot, but only found 1.5" 4D nails; no 2" or 2.5". I bought a box, but figured I would try using a 5/64" 2" allen wrench instead, since it is longer. Then I braced the setup and carefully smacked it with a hammer; no dice. I smacked it a few more times adding greater intensity with each blow, and all I ended up doing was bending my allen wrench (only very, very slightly, since it was almost a perfect fit for the hole, but slightly non-the-less). I called DPMS this morning, and they said the forward assist is within tolerances, since the carrier is not scratched during cycling. So, since I didn't have any luck punching out the pin, and since the forward assist does not impede the movement of the carrier, I think I'll leave it as is. However, since the bore guide is plastic and cheap, I think I'll try to shave one side of it flat, and put the flat side toward the forward assist when cleaning. Thanks for the help, imschur and 98Z5V; I hope I can return the favors someday. :)
  7. Thanks for the help, 98Z5V! I'm off to Home Deopt; I'll update this thread once I try it tonight. It seems kind of wierd that DPMS would make this mistake during assembly - has anyone else had a problem like this (or other quality control issues)?
  8. It reminds me of the new Kel-Tec RFB...its cool too. :auto:
  9. Those 1300s are SWEET! Its too bad they don't make them anymore.
  10. I'm going to build my first one this summer, and am thinking of using a 5.11 TDU Jumpsuit as the base. Should be fun :)
  11. Oh...now I see how the roll pin fits in there; I'll set the ego aside and admit I was looking for the bottom of the roll pin hole on the inside of the receiver, instead of just noticing it went straight down through the forward assist assembly. :-[ Once I know what size punch to use, it should be pretty simple. Thanks for the help, guys...learning is half of it! :banana:
  12. Hmmm....makes sense, 98Z5V. I'm not sure how I would get the forward assist out though; it looks like its easier to install then uninstall. Also, I didn't install it myself, it came from DPMS assembled. Thanks for your help...this site totally rocks!
  13. It springs out fully. When I depress it, it depresses fully too. I tried to measure it (by eyeball), and it looks like it sticks out about 1/16" into the carrier recess.
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