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  1. Fair market price for that glass,.....you must have been thinking of the illuminated model
  2. Love the EoTech's reticle. The XPS is the only model that interests me. The older style can develop an issue with battery spring tension, the new transverse mounted battery is a great upgrade.
  3. Ran three boxes last weekend........ Need to list some left over parts
  4. Centurion would be my pick.....there is 12 and 14" length available http://www.riflegear.com/p-2113-centurion-arms-cmr-rail-system-12-inch-762.aspx
  5. "the website,......is going to run like a champ" I feel your pain.........at some point you need to talk with the Boss.
  6. These grips are amazing for $20 Put a set on my Novak built Colt.....love 'em!
  7. What are your needs? Just want free floats? Mount a light? Bipod?
  8. I know this post is old,......but what is this guy talking about? If one is lacking this basic knowledge about reloading, he should steer clear!
  9. This is the same LMT,.......same seller, but it was not bought off GB.
  10. Pricing on some items is very good, some are inflated a bit. Thanks for the tip!
  11. Works EXTREMELY well......much better than the clamshell crap. Mine is a bit different that the one above. Mine has pin holes for the lower block. I have yet to ever use the pins.
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