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  1. Yeah, dust covers. Don't want that top round getting dusty, now do we? ::)
  2. ^^^ I thought everyone was thrilled with those Elf triggers?
  3. You picked 02 twice. They're gonna look at me real funny when I try to buy that ticket.
  4. Welcome from Florida. Winning lottery numbers? I'll split it with you.
  5. Buddy runs Ghost triggers and swears by them.
  6. Hmmmmm....I've been mulling this one over Not a big block but a big a$$ for sure..
  7. Fuk, you made me read that whole thing without pics? Get those pics up quick, I'm very visceral.
  8. We have the KSGs in stock. Not a big fan of Kel-Tec but I like this one.
  9. The locks don't bother me, I just ignore them.
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