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  1. I have no friends

    Howdy from the Texas side of the borders.
  2. 17 dead in Florida School shooting

    Thanks progressives for mainstreaming the mentally ill; for raising a generation that does not know right from wrong, has no religious guide to moral behavior, and has not been required to be responsible for their actions; for ignoring laws, creating sanctuary cities, counties and states to protect criminals; for "resisting" lawfully elected authority and normalizing hate; for glorifying violence as the answer to all conflict; and for proving that the law does not apply equally to all. When you ask why, don't talk about gun control, look in a mirror.
  3. Greetings from Georgia

    Howdy from the Texas side of the borders. Spent 5-years in Acworth back in the early 90s, pretty country but too humid for me.
  4. Not from Texas but Texans are ok with me

    Howdy from the Texas side of the borders.
  5. New member

    Howdy from the Texas side of the borders.
  6. Be gentle lol

    He can use it as a flower pot!
  7. Be gentle lol

    Howdy from the Texas side of the borders. On my .338 Federal build I used an Aero M5 upper mated to a Blitzkrieg Tactical 80% lower. They fit and function perfectly with very little "fitting" needed.
  8. Velocity vs Larue

    I have both. like and use both, but the LaRue is the one that I am switching to for all the rifles that I use for hunting.
  9. I go to Dartmouth, MA High Hill Club

    Are you speaking figuratively or literally? In today's language, a user or a pilot!
  10. Just saying hello

    Howdy from the Texas side of the borders.
  11. Another new guy!

    Howdy from the Texas side of the borders.
  12. This is only the beginning. While Weatherby probably isn't a danger all need to be careful that as these companies flee California that they don't bring the cancer of progressive voters with them.
  13. Intro and PSA Gen II lower question

    Howdy from the Texas side of the borders.
  14. Like I didn't have enough gun projects already...

    Howdy from the Texas side of the borders.
  15. I don't have enough rounds downrange yet to comment on how well it will hold up but I recently purchased two Monstrum 6-24x50, FFP scopes. These are heavy scopes, seemingly well made. When I compare the clarity with my Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 I really can't see any difference in sharpness or light level, but that is with 70-year old eyes. They have a lighted reticle and the parallex adjustment is on the side as in a tactical scope. Originally I was going to mount them with a Burris PEPR mount; however, the distance between the rings is too short because the parallex and horizontal adjustment controls are offset. I ended up mounting them on very cheap QC mounts that I got from Amazon, I think they were $39. In any event I mounted the scopes on a 6.8 SPC and .338 Federal ARs. After a quick sight in I put around 30 rounds down each at 200 yards and both stayed in about 2" circles (on a cheap UTG bipod, no rear support). Next time to the range I am going to check zero, remove the mount and then remount to see if it will maintain zero (saw this done with this mount on a YouTube video and it worked). The reticle is etched, not wire, and the FFP takes a little getting used to, but I am getting to like it. These scopes list for $229 and I picked these up on Amazon for $219.