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Everything posted by Microgunner

  1. Yeah, dust covers. Don't want that top round getting dusty, now do we? ::)
  2. ^^^ I thought everyone was thrilled with those Elf triggers?
  3. You picked 02 twice. They're gonna look at me real funny when I try to buy that ticket.
  4. Welcome from Florida. Winning lottery numbers? I'll split it with you.
  5. Buddy runs Ghost triggers and swears by them.
  6. Hmmmmm....I've been mulling this one over Not a big block but a big a$$ for sure..
  7. Fuk, you made me read that whole thing without pics? Get those pics up quick, I'm very visceral.
  8. We have the KSGs in stock. Not a big fan of Kel-Tec but I like this one.
  9. The locks don't bother me, I just ignore them.
  10. I'm so whipped in my old age of late that I've taken to carrying a 1911 in 22TCM. A six year old could shoot this thing, but oh, what a wallop it delivers. I believe it may be the magic cartridge. You fellows ought to give one a try.
  11. Colts, sweet. I've owned a couple of cased 22 SA Colts and still own one, a Wyatt Earp Lawman cased 22 SA with 12" barrel. Love the Colts.
  12. I've heard lots of good about the PPS.
  13. I wish I could afford a few Turnbulls.
  14. Looks good. What's up with the check engine light?
  15. Date code indicates 1972 manufacture.
  16. Standing by....but I'm kinda scared though.
  17. Bought another one last night. Uberti Cattleman 22. 6-shot .22lr adjustable sights Case colors with brass grip frame and one piece grips. It has one tiny spot on the barrel near muzzle, otherwise near perfect. Feels great in the hand. This is my third Uberti 22 single action.
  18. There's a Urologist here in town named Dr.Cockburn, no schit. I asked if he went into Urology just because of his name? He said "absolutely".
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