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About suzukiray

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    DNP's Friend (Beware)
  • Birthday 05/21/1961

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    Disneyland (Goofy Bastard)
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    I drag race motorcycles, build & restore Suzuki GS1100s & 1150s & build race engines. I do a LOT of head porting every year & that's how I relax. Now I have this new AR disease to figure out how to deal with!

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  1. suzukiray

    2018 308AR.com Fall Shoot Info

    Yeah, ok, whatever makes you feel like you are the man.
  2. suzukiray

    2018 308AR.com Fall Shoot Info

    AGAIN, you WIN, I'll stay home, YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!
  3. suzukiray

    2018 308AR.com Fall Shoot Info

    Again Tom, YOU WIN. I won't come. Isnt that what you want???
  4. suzukiray

    DPMS G2...... should I?

  5. suzukiray


    You win Tom, I'll stay home. Happy now?
  6. suzukiray

    2018 308AR.com Fall Shoot Info

    You win Tom, you're the man. I wont come this weekend. You guys all have fun and be safe. Happy now?
  7. suzukiray

    Pre-Order: P80 (BLK) Compact Long Slide frames

  8. You NEED a .308 AR, for the burglar, hiding behind the refrigerator, at your neighbor's house!!!
  9. suzukiray


    Cool. If you need me to pick up anything before I get to your house let me know.
  10. suzukiray

    2018 308AR.com Fall Shoot Info

    It is spelled sailor, just so you know.
  11. suzukiray


    What time will you be home on Weds? I should be in Phoenix by around 2 pm.
  12. suzukiray

    Larue trigger ordered

    Aaaaaa, no thanks but I appreciate the offer. Lmao!!!
  13. suzukiray

    Joke of the day

    One day in class the teacher asks Buckwheat "Buckwheat, can you spell the word 'dictate' and then use it in a sentence?" Buckwheat replied "Yes teacher I can! d-i-c-t-a-t-e!!" The teacher replies "Very good Buckwheat! Now, can you use it in a sentence?" Buckwheat replied "Oh yeah teacher, I SHO can!!" He turns around to the girl behind him and asks "Hey Darla, how my dictate last night?"
  14. Matt, you are digging a hole that will be so full of poop that you will drown! I HIGHLY recommend you stop already!!!!
  15. suzukiray

    Larue trigger ordered

    No problem, I'll bring both of them.