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    Disneyland (Goofy Bastard)
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    I drag race motorcycles, build & restore Suzuki GS1100s & 1150s & build race engines. I do a LOT of head porting every year & that's how I relax. Now I have this new AR disease to figure out how to deal with!

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  1. My Kreiger .338 Lapua barrel arrived today!!! That was an interesting $400.00 spent! Now I have to have it chambered and threaded.
  2. Thanks Sketch!!! I can't wait to build this 700!!!
  3. I just thought the picture above was funny. It's good to see people still raising kids correctly!
  4. Kreiger called me today. My 700 Remington 30" barrel is completed and ships tomorrow!!!! I also ordered a chit ton of magazines Monday after the Commiefornia ban was reversed!!!!
  5. 87 bucks for the Larue MBT. Hard to beat that one. Elftmann even has a lower priced drop in, without the bearings for 140. I got one a few weeks ago but havent tried it yet.
  6. Welcome from the People's Republic of Commiefornia!!
  7. Welcome from Commiefornia!!
  8. Aaaaahahahahahaha!!!!!!
  9. Welcome from the People's Republic of Commiefornia!!!
  10. My 870 is loaded 00, slug, 00, slug, 00, slug, 00. If someone comes in my house uninvited they are leaving in a bag. I'll go to jail maybe, but myself and my family will be alive. The older I get, the less a deterrent "life in prison" becomes. My wife and sons WON'T die because I was worried about overkill.
  11. Not legal here in the People's Republic of Commiefornia!!!
  12. Welcome from the People's Republic of Commiefornia!
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