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    Disneyland (Goofy Bastard)
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    I drag race motorcycles, build & restore Suzuki GS1100s & 1150s & build race engines. I do a LOT of head porting every year & that's how I relax. Now I have this new AR disease to figure out how to deal with!

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  1. WTB upgraded trigger for AR .308

    Velocity, single stage, breaks like a candy cane, drop in easy install, $125 bucks or less all day long. I have 3 of them & like the feel of them better than my Geissele. Ray.
  2. AZ Fall Shoot, Nov 2017

    Count me in!!! At the moment I have 5 new weapons that I haven't even fired yet!! May I suggest another event? Like the 7.5 in barrel, 600 yard AR pistol challenge??!!!! 😀😁😂🤣 Ray.
  3. Joke of the day

    An old guy goes to see the doctor because his dick turned orange. The doc is checking him out & says "Wow! I've never seen this before. Does anyone else in your family have this condition?" The old guy replies "No." The doc asks "Do you work with with hazardous chemicals?" To which the old guy answers "No, I'm retired." The doc says What do you do during the day?" The old guy says "Watch porn & eat Cheetos." Ray.
  4. Joke of the day

    What do Japanese do with an erection? They vote! Ray.
  5. New Savage, 10 BA Stealth

    Thanks guys!! I picked it up tonight after work. Plucking Commiefornia & their 10 day bullchit!!!! I COULD have picked it yesterday as that was the 10th day but wanted to stay married & had dinner with the wife!! Lol! Now, how long will it take me to sell enough stuff or motorcycles to buy the GLASS???!!!!!! Schmidt & Bender isn't cheap!!! Ray.
  6. New Savage, 10 BA Stealth

    It came in!!!! Hehehehe!!!!! Ray.
  7. New Savage, 10 BA Stealth

    Thanks for the heads up on this Tom. I just ordered one in 338!!! Ray.
  8. Joke of the day

    How do you make a woman scream twice during sex? After you give her an orgasm, wipe your dick on her curtains!!
  9. Aimpoint deal!!!

    If any of you guys have any money left after the holiday shopping spree, Aimpoint PROs are on sale at LA Police Gear for 360 shipped with code OUTOFTIME15 http://www.lapolicegear.com/aim-12841-pro-optic.html I just ordered one!! Ray.
  10. Joke of the day

    I went to buy some condoms last week. The checker asked if I wanted a bag. I told her No, the girl wasn't that ugly. Ray.
  11. 7.62x39 On AR15 Platform

    It is finished!!! 10.5" barrel, Noveske copy handguard, a PIG, nickel bcg, Geissele SSA trigger, magpul grip & sling, with a billet 80% lower!!! BANG!! 10 cents!!! BANG!!! 10 cents!!!! Ray.
  12. Finished my .458 Socom!!!

    No, the long mags hold TEN .458 rounds. Ray.
  13. Finished my .458 Socom!!!

    I just finished my 7.62x39, 7.5 inch upper yesterday too! Pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, .50 cents!!! Mike, I have all 10 round mags for my .458. Interesting how you can engrave a regular magazine to say .458 Socom & it is a 10 round magazine!!! LOL!! Ray.
  14. Finished my .458 Socom!!!

    Yeah, except, Bang! 3 dollars, Bang! 3 dollars, Bang! 3 dollars!!! LOL!! Ray.
  15. Finished my .458 Socom!!!

    It is finally finished!! I used a billet, 80% lower, a Nickel boron BCG, all Magpul furniture, a Velocity trigger & a Tromix 16.25 inch stainless barrel & gas block with their bolt, a stainless brake & a 15 inch Novesky copy hand guard.