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    Disneyland (Goofy Bastard)
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    I drag race motorcycles, build & restore Suzuki GS1100s & 1150s & build race engines. I do a LOT of head porting every year & that's how I relax. Now I have this new AR disease to figure out how to deal with!

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  1. That's the only thing I dont miss about growing up in Kansas City! The summer humidity can be so bad there! I do miss the noise and lightning from big thunderstorms though, loved that part of them!!
  2. The future is certainly looking good at your house!!! 😁😁😁😁
  3. Awesome way to spend time with your grandson and kudos to you for your teaching method in letting him figure it out!!
  4. It looks like a lot of fun!
  5. Lol!! I'll take a picture of it when I get home from work and post it. I figured someone would say that but I ran out of time this morning.
  6. My 5 Larue MBTs were here when I got home yesterday!!! Along with a hat, a bottle opener and one of the coolest bumper stickers I've seen in a looong time!!!
  7. I found out that isn't a lie!!!!
  8. It is from Smoke Composites. It is a NICE piece and the people there are about the best customer service I've dealt with in awhile!
  9. Thanks guys! Everything other than the receivers is titanium, carbon fiber or lightened. Even the receivers are the lightest I could find. Want to go shoot it sometime I hope. I have more money in this damn thing than my .338 Lapua!! Go figure that all those light parts cost that much!!!!
  10. All the parts came in! I'm building these today!!!
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