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  1. You saw my Nagator now here's my latest carved stock.
  2. Welcome handyman, from the Central Valley. Your gona love it.
  3. Hey from Kommiefornia. Good luck goldnut!
  4. Thanks. I wasnt always that way. lol
  5. Just showing my "Nagator". Comments welcome. 20160820_150923_001.mp4
  6. What great satisfaction.

    My love of art and guns combined.



  7. My custom carved Mosin Nagant.

    I call it "The Nagator".





  8. Anyone familar with this break. Bought for $25.00 on ickbay. Guy said he took it off his store bought 308. Called it a Description Break. Can't find any info although I did see a patent PDF but that's it. Have not shot this rifle yet.
  9. Wow! Upgraded. Fast delivery after the 3 week wait. Packaged well. Firing pin screw instead of cotter pin. No assist serrations. No flaws by my eye. Head spaced good with my 20" DPMS 1/10 barrel. Now to see if she shoots.
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