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  1. I wish I had them in my LWRC when I owned it. They would walk halfway out every 300-500 rnds but I sold it at the height of the panic for $3400 haha. I had the M6A3
  2. Doc_Tonka

    .308 Noob

    Howdy and welcome from AZ
  3. Yet another welcome from AZ brother
  4. Is anyone using the jp Silent captured with a PWS ebt in .308 length? How does the JP setup work for recoil?
  5. Welcome front Arizona brother
  6. That was a good read Mikedaddy thanks for the direction.
  7. I really appreciate the advice guys, you are a big help. I hope to start assembling in the next couple months. I am on a budget so my first build is going slow lol.
  8. Well, I have seen 195great subsonic .308 and was curious. I do not have a suppressor at this point but it is something I will be doing after the new year. I want to have a sbr .308 dedicated upper and a dedicated intermediate upper for my .308 AR. I already have an M4 in 5.56 and do not really want to get into a 3rd caliber. Just a personal desire
  9. Is anyone using sub sonic .308 in their suppressed AR'S. Does it cycle or do you manually have to charge it on every shot?
  10. Found it through a Google search on buffers and buffer tubes.
  11. Doc_Tonka

    Larue MBT-2

    Thank you for the insight brother, I look forward to the rest!!
  12. Doc_Tonka

    Larue MBT-2

    Stain, I am really looking forward to your review sir.
  13. StainTrain, how did you like that Larue trigger compared to the Geissele SSA?
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