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  1. I handle their communications between Japan and US and manage their Aerospace and Chemical division accounts. From my knowledge, we only ship to dealer principals and manufacturer warehouses for parts. If you mean, consumer market. I would have no idea, as I do not work in that division. We havesoooo many accounts in the automotive division.
  2. I work for a company in Washington, Fuji Heavy Industries. We are to expand our operations in Idaho and Montana . I will move to Montana in 2018. I am gaining citizenship at the end of this year. Lots of inexpensive land with hydro power here. Many Japanese have come here and we need to hire. (^^)
  3. I only shot a .357 and 9mm so far. I really like both so I will probably go for pistol first I am looking at Walther and Glock. 9mm is cheap compared to .357 then later buy a rifle. I have big hands and tall for japanese 178cm. I have shot a Howa .308 Type 64 in Japan. Machine gun so fun!!! Ammo in .308/7.62 not cheap I see! (T_T) it was in military fair to recruit women into Japan Military.
  4. I want to buy my first pistol. but I do not know what. It is confusing! what is best for beginner? pistol, revolver, rifle? (︶︹︺)
  5. Hello. I come from Japan. I am interested in Americans and their gun culture. It is very fascinating and respectable. It moves me. I am interested also their 2nd Amendment. It reminds me of former Samurai in Japan. They do not longer exist no more. It is a warrior spirit many Japanese commend you for. We are not scare of guns in America. I came to the United States almost 5 year ago. Thank you. (^^)
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