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  1. GoGone

    Gun rack

    Hey everybody. How do you store your guns in your vehicle? Found these nice truck accessories meant for gun storage. It's a good idea to put it in concealed areas to prevent theft. Has anyone here tried to install one from these?
  2. GoGone

    Realistic and fun

    Nice one
  3. GoGone

    How did you find 308AR.com forum?

    I searched to get some info on 308 ARs. Eventually found the website through the search
  4. GoGone

    New 6.5 builds

  5. GoGone

    Not so Smart Gun !

    Aren't just old, they're classic! There's something about it that can't be beaten by the new ones.
  6. GoGone

    Fishing yesterday

    Nice catch!
  7. GoGone


    wow! yeah, what's not to like about that