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    St Pete, FL
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    3gun, USPSA, 3gun Nation, PRS/DMR matches, hunting. Anything gun related pretty much
  1. Warne Ramp Mount

    Honestly depends on the person. Using that height of a mount, I have the cheek riser on my PRS stock up a few clicks to get me were I want to be.
  2. I have. They are on the other coast. I looked at them a while back. Was planning to buy from them, but got a really good deal on from a friend. He was getting together parts for a build, had about 60% of the parts, and won decided not to build the rifle since he already had a 308 bolt gun. I picked up the parts from him pretty cheap. Another friend that works at Praestlor Arms is helping me with the rest of the build.
  3. Warne Ramp Mount

    I also built my AR15 with the plan to shoot DMR/SPR matches. That's part of why I am now building a 308 rifle. It's just netter suited for those ranges. (out to 660)
  4. Warne Ramp Mount

    I shoot Open Division which allows me to have a scope and an offset red dot. I have been running higher powered optic for a while. A couple of the big name sponsored shooters have been as well. Many are starting to see the advantage on some of the longer stages. We don't need 1 power like the other divisions do.
  5. I am building with the help of a friend that works at a local gun manufacturer. He is WAY more knowledgeable that I am. He's basically telling me to give him the specs I want, and he'll get the parts and help me build it. He already has most of the parts I want, just deciding on barrel now.
  6. Pretty normal. Even with good QD mounts, it's not always perfect when you put the scope back on. Just put it on and leave it on. Get a good set of offset sights, like the MagPul MBUS Pro's. Then use them without taking the scope off. Much better option anyways.
  7. Spotting scope tripod recommendations

    I picked up a camera tripod from a local camera shop for around $40. I've been using it for years. I don't worry as much about weight though.
  8. Bushnell 1x4x24 scope

    I had one of these and the 1-4x24 PCL FFP scope. Both were good, I preferred the FP version. Used it for 3gun for about a year while I saved up for better glass. Only issue I see with these is that they are getting behind the times. 1-6 seems to be the standard now, and things are moving towards 1-8. The Vortex Strike Eagles and good entry level optics.
  9. Warne Ramp Mount

    I shoot 3gun and didn't like this mount s much. As the other poster said, the windage knob obstructed much of the red dot window. Currently use a Warne extended skeletonized mount and a Daniel Defense offset red dot mount. The DD mount puts the dot at a slightly lower position so my red cleared the turrets of my scope. If I used a different scope, it may not have been an issue. I was using a Vortex Viper PST 2.5-10x32 FFP scope. The windage turrets on that scope stick out pretty far. But recently picked up a Burris XRTII 1.5-8 duel focal plane scope. The Vortex is now going to go on the 308 AR I am building.
  10. Recommended barrels

    I have been hearing some really good things about Faxton barrels. I have been looking at the 18" and 20" heavy fluted barrels. How do they stack up against other like JP, Criterion, etc?
  11. New guy from FL. In the process of building an AR10. Buying the rifle from a friend. He had everything except for the barrel, gas block, and gas tube. He had the rifle built in a different caliber, and sold that barrel setup. Now I'm buying it to build a competition / hunting rifle.