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    Farming, Horses, a good dog and a great rifle. Reloading w a Dillion 550B

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  1. Sorry very busy here keeping this state free, californication will have to fix their own problems
  2. So the problem isn't with the gun owner but with the older ca laws in the first place!
  3. Follow the example of the N.J. Residents who were ordered to turn in their bump stocks. So far ZERO COMPLIANCE!
  4. He already had his constitutional rights, when tyranny is violating them you don't compromise by infecting the entire law abiding citizenry with another infringement. The problem w your lic is it's a law a law that can be changed at anytime at the whims of congress. What guaranteed do you give to that not occurring? Two congresses from the lic declared your lic void and turn them in, your guns that is. The only hope we have to remaining a free people is to have foundational rules far above the governments reach to change as it sees fit.
  5. Full out no holds bared war on NFA, 1968 and 1986 take no prisoners no compromise on unconstitutional pansy mongering laws. Let's see what the communists are willing to concede what shall not be infringed really means
  6. Sorry hit the wrong button on this silly box
  7. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they are not out to get you! And yes they are out to get you and repeal the second amendment just ask Justice Stevens who has repeated his call for repeal.
  8. SCOTUS Did Not rule that, although Scalia insinuated such in dicta that is not a ruling. In Heller the court ruled that Mr Heller could have a working firearm in his home, many liberals then jump on the misguided notion that a positive decision on one question is a negative for everything else that they wanted in gun control. In dicta it notes that self defense is a basic human right and that weapons in common use are protected. Since we have had the NFA since 1934 and the 1986 law in affect for so long how can those effected weapons be in common use, chicken v egg.
  9. The idea isn't a damn good one. First off the federal government has no none nota constitutional authority to issue a license. Multiple SCOTUS rulings on first amendment voting right and lic or fees. All of the NFA rules SBR regs by bureaucracy are unconstitutional but when it comes to applying the exact same wieght of first amendment rulings to the second, the courts testicular fortitude stinks down to pea size. Are the Feds going to "give you a lic"? Poll taxes fees or illiterate tests are forbidden for voting, you can't even charge sales tax on a newspaper. we will end up with what amount $$$. Here in VA it already cost us $50 for concealed carry. How often will the lic expire and if you have a lic they have a data base of who is licensed which is a defacto national gun registration. Beside I already have a national carry license it's call the second amendment and it's past damn time to enforce it.
  10. what are the gun control cultists going to give when we make another compromise? They are not going to give a fing thing they will take and take untill nothing is left. We have already compromise away being able to buy a hand gun while visiting family out of state. You can't buy a long gun two states over, the second amendment is null & void if you travel on ether coast, drive through N.J. and stop for gas following all fed law, they will still arrest you for not having a license that you can't get as a non resident. I'm through with the unconditional compromises.
  11. I have had the HD II for about a year now and while it can be and is overly complicated I found it to be fantastic for fox and coyotes. Placing it on a swivel rest I connect it to my iPad w the illumination set low and I can watch my entire pasture w both eyes open and even take a shot. ( AR15 20 inch barrel ) without having to look through the scope. I am using a larger external cellphone battery which usually lasts longer than I do. I use Velcro computer cable ties to hold everything to the rifle. I bought it from SG on sale w a double buyers club discount day so it was a bit cheaper than list price.
  12. Docgmt


    Did you see the read only post With the sizes of the gas ports for different length barrels? DPMS LR-308 Style Rifle 18" rifle 0.308 0.0960 18" car 0.308 0.0635 16" mid 0.308 0.078 16" mid 0.308 0.081 16" car 0.308 0.07 16" car 0.308 0.073 16" car 0.308 0.076 20" rifle 0.308 0.0935 20" rifle 0.308
  13. Docgmt


    Well at least the head space on your rifle is right
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